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Go to the silver mine to meet an Argentine (2): I found this Argentina after the 17 hour trip.

☝The last story is here! After the 17 hour on tren and bus, I arrived at Ooda station. There was the place where the Argentine girl lived, so we started walking to see her. 11:00 Ooda station The center of the city was clean. But after walking a few minutes, we noticed that there were …


Go to the silver mine to meet an Argentine (1)

This story started from when I saw a message. Two weeks ago I wrote an article that foreigners cannot live long in rural Japan. Then an Argentine woman sent a message like that; “I live in Shimane without problem!” I was very surprised because the province of Shimane is very rural and Japanese people also …

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The 2 reasons you don’t like Japanese men

Maybe you are a foreign woman who wants Japanese boyfriend if you like Japan. But the Japanese have some difficulties for women in Western culture. Today we are going to talk about two things that you might not like about Japanese men. The Japanese are Macho According to “Global Gender Gap Report 2020” the Japanese …

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Can you be naked with your friends?

In Japan there is a concept “The naked relationship”, this means that having a relationship that can be told all things without Tatemae (= clothing is symbol of Tatemae). Usually men say “He’s my friend because I was in a nude relationship!”, But he doesn’t mean “He’s my boyfriend!” Don’t be screwed up, please. * …