Do you know Shosya which rules Japanese society from behind? Let’s reveal the reality !: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese④

I read the Japanese business bible, alias “Shikihou”, I was able to know many companies, and I was interested in a sector called “Shosya” that there is no such business in Spain.

In fact, the sector of these companies is very popular for students who want to work internationally, but the way they do business is very special so maybe you don’t know them, so today I want to present it on my blog.

There are 5 great Shosya in Japan, and because of their greatness and multilateral business, he calls them “Sogo Shosya“. I prepare the list of these companies like these;

  • 三菱商事 Mitubisi Shoji Inc. : https://www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en
  • 三井物産 Mitui Bussan Inc.  https://www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en
  • 伊藤忠商事 Itochu Shoji Inc. https://www.itochu.co.jp/en/
  • 丸紅 Marubeni Inc. https://www.marubeni.com/en/
  • 住友商事 Sumitomo Shoji Inc. https://www.sumitomocorp.com/en/jp

If you remember these 5, it is enough, well now we are going to study what type of business Sogo Shoya does. The answer is very easy, THEY DO ALL KINDS OF BUSINESS.

If I explain like this, you think it’s a joke, but really many guys do the business, actually there is a saying about Sogo Shoya; “From Ramen to Rocket” means sell all things. Let’s see some examples.

For example, a Jeans brand, Edwin is the subsidiary company of Itochu, the textile sector of Itochu controls it, but Itochu is not just a textile company like Inditex.

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Century 21 is an American real estate business company, but Century 21 Japan is the subsidiary company of Itochu.

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This is the company called “Cermaq“, it grows salmon in Canada, Norway and Chile.

If they work in so many sectors of the business, you cannot understand their essence. Actually I can’t understand perfectly, it’s the conglomerate that make money all the way. Tomorrow we study their history so you can find out easier why they became like this.

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