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Japanese history

Japanese emperors didn’t have absolute power

Who were the bad dictators in World War II, many foreigners think that the Showa emperor was a dictator and decided to start that terrible war, but in reality he was a puppet of the imperial army, and could not decide anything. Besides, the history of the emperors was the history of the puppets. Today …

Encyclopedia of Japanese universities

The University of Tokyo: Japan’s best university

Do you know the best university in Japan? Japan University? No, it isn’t. The University of Tokyo is the best university in Japan. However, there are not many websites that explain exactly what this university is about and what benefits it has to offer. Today I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of …

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If you want to have Japanese friends, don’t go to disco:The guide to nightlife in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very safe city and there are many places to have fun like Karaoke, Game Center and museums, but there is also a problem. You can’t easily make Japanese friends. If you are a university student and you are in Japan as an exchange student, your university will prepare the occasions to have …

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21% of the Japanese cheat? The situation of Japanese cheating.

Japanese people works for long hours and have an image that they are very serious. Unfortunately, this can only be an illusion. In fact, many foreigners who come to Japan are surprised at the amount of infidelity among the Japanese. Today, let’s analyze the taboo world of «Infidelity that the Japanese don’t talk about. If …


Male or female schools;The schools to educate the Japanese elite

Japan is a country that has a strict education system to enter universities because of the difficulty of the entrance exams, that’s why many high school students study for many hours. In fact, according to a worldwide survey, the intelligence of Japanese youth is number one in the world. In Tokyo, the capital of Japan …