World Map for the Ignorant Japanese ~Is the capital of USA New York…?~

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Many foreigners are surprised when they come to Japan because Japanese people don’t know much about their country. It is not a lie. Someone thought that Colombia is Brazil. (It’s a true story) Indonesia is India. There are only Caucasians in Paris. I don’t want you to be disappointed, but it is real Japan. To …


People couldn’t sing about love in Japan: Sexualism of Japan

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A few months ago I wrote about the problem of gender gap in Japan. In this article I wrote that Japan is ranked 121st out of 153 countries. Then this ranking was renewed, and the new position of Japan is… 120th! So Japan’s world position on gender equality is still very low. But this does …


The two reasons why Japanese think that Asian Hatecrime is a somebody else’s business

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Today “Asian Hatecrime” is a very serious and urgent issue in some western countries, particularly in the USA because of the spread of Covid-19. But the victims are not only Chinese Americans, but also us, Japanese. However, in Japan, people do not considerthis problem to our issue. Why don’t Japanese people act for other Asians …


Osaka is a very big city, but there are not many jobs for foreigners.

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Recently I don’t renew this blog, but it’s not because of my laziness, but because of my move to Kansai. Kansai, this second largest region in Japan is very interesting for foreigners, so what kind of image of Kansai is for you? Kansai is the historical region composed of 6 provinces as the map above. …


The history of Japanese Bad boys : It’s not just Yankee

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Many foreigners have some stereotypes of Japanese people. For example, it is like this; There are not as many drunk Salaryman as you imagine. You know, but it’s just a stereotype. In Japan there are various people including the good, the serious and the bad. So removing your stereotype and understanding what kind of Japanese …


The Cheapskate Youtuber: The weird life of a Japanese man who loves to save money

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Do you save money? Japanese are the people who love to save money, and Japanese mothers watch a special program like “The recipes that cost only 500 yen a day!” in the evening after doing housework. Well, I actually save 50% of my salary per month, so I can consider myself a typical Japanese. But …