Living in another country is like always fighting


Happy New Year! I hope for a good year, but the reality is a little difficult although I am not so pessimistic.
On December 31st, the number of newly infected people in Tokyo was 1,300. It is not as bad as the European countries, but the situation in Japan is not improving at all. I shouldn’t be so optimistic in 2021.

The Japanese economy will be worse off.

Already the influence of bad economy is breaking the life of foreigners who are in the weak position, particularly the life of Japanese Latino “Nikkei”.

Foreigners who are dismissed before the Japanese

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外国人、コロナ解雇急増 住まいも失い 行き場なく困窮:東京新聞 TOKYO Web

Now Japanese companies are going to fire the foreigners they hired as temporary contract employees. According to this article, now many Japanese Brazilians lost their jobs and cannot pay the cost of education for the Brazilian school, besides their houses are apartments where the Japanese companies prepared. If they lose their job, they have to leave home. They have no money, no house, no plane ticket to return to Brazil, no future for their children. I do not doubt anything if they commit suicide because of their current situation.

Now there are some foreigners who are going to suffer a lot, but many people do not notice them because the life of the Japanese is also very difficult.

Perhaps you already feel bad about the hard reality, but do you think that the cause of the difficult situation of the Brazilians is only for the Japanese? Japanese society is not so simple.

Do Japanese people exploit foreigners?

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By the way, do you know the causes of a plane crash? It is very tragic. If it happens once, more than 100 people die easily, that’s why airplane companies analyze the causes very well. So, according to this, a very big accident does not happen because of an “Unlucky” but because of many small mistakes, and carelessness.

For example, what you press button A in the situation where you should add button B is not a fatal error. You can check well and if you notice that you are wrong, you can correct it. But if you don’t check anything and you get a cumulonimbus, you can die from the accident.

The Covid epidemic is like this cumulonimbus.

No one could imagine that the problem of the epidemic occurred, so we could not prepare for this shock.

But working in the factories of Japan was already famous as a job that cannot earn money. In fact, in 1990, Brazilians earned a lot of money and some built very large houses in their town. But this is the story of 30 years ago, the content of the work is the same, but the situation is much worse than before. For example, 30 years ago they worked as temporary contract employees, but they can renew their contract every 1 year. However, now they have to renew it every 3 months and Japanese companies have the right to fire them liberally.

That’s why I said that the situation is completely different.

My Brazilian friends said that there is no point in going to Japan now to work in a factory. But there are still some Brazilians who are cheated by the mediators who gather the labor for the Japanese company. I feel sorry for them, but this is the reality.

So they couldn’t check anything? Yes, they could because there was internet. For example, they may doubt that the good situation exists, as the mediators say in Google, to have a good job they can study Japanese without paying money, and check the contract while using Google Translate.

That’s why I think that foreigners also have to doubt a lot because they are in another country.

Nobody helps you

It is a cold but important reality. You are a pilot of your life, if a very big accident happens, many people cannot help you even if they say “Poor thing”.

Nobody helps you.

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My family could live in other countries since the time of my great-grandfather, but there was always more difficulty and discrimination than in Japan.

In Spain someone shouted at us “Chino”, in Russia someone insulted my family as “The Yellow Monkey”. This is the reality although there are more good people than bad people like that. We have to receive the current situation and move forward to survive.

Are you willing to live like this?

My family does not hate the people who treated us badly, because we decided to live in another country. We take responsibility for our life, and we returned to Japan with interesting experiences.

Actually, living in Japan is very difficult for foreigners, but it’s the same in other countries. That’s why complaining or crying is a waste of time. We have to move forward while biting our lips to change the situation one day.
If you think it’s too hard, you shouldn’t work in Japan. Living in Japan does not mean that it is better than living in your country. Living in your country with pride is also a wonderful life. I feel that way.

Are you willing to fight with your destiny?

In total, if you can fight like this, you can be happy in Japan.

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