Are the Japanese people very cold?

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The foreigners think us the people are very educated. But if we’re educated, it doesn’t mean that we’re nice to all people. Don’t you think the Japanese are nice because “being nice” is a rule of society? Today we’re going to see the cold side of the Japanese.

日本人は、実は「助け合い」が嫌いだった…国際比較で見る驚きの事実(坂本 治也)

128th/144th place in the classification of countries that help other people

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CAF World Giving Index 2018 | Research into global giving behaviour

Japanese people do not help others like that;

  • The proportion of Japanese who help others: 23%, ranked 142 in 144 countries
  • The proportion of Japanese who have donated: 18%, ranked 99th in 144 countries
  • The proportion of Japanese people who volunteer: 23%, 56th in 144 countries
  • Total: 128th place in 144 countries

It’s a very low ratio but I’m not very surprised. Actually, when I lived in Milan, many Italians asked me if it was the city of the cold atmosphere or not because it is very famous that people are bland, but I felt that it was much better than Tokyo. Italians are nicer than normal Tokiotes.

If you listen to it, you feel that Japanese society is very cold but, it’s not like that.

We are very kind to “Miuchi”.

*Miuchi: It’s people like family. for example they are family, best friends, boyfriend or the girlfriend. The opposite person from other people.

The Japanese wants to help bad Miuchi more than the very good outsider. This attitude influences some acts of society.

For example, four years ago, a minister said, “If refugees come to Japan with weapons, what should we do? killing them is also very important for defending our Japan. If someone had said that in Europe, it would have been a very serious scandal, but this minister is continuing his work. I feel that the silent majority agreed with his statement so that he did not have to leave his work. This is real Japan.

The Japanese cannot understand the feelings of outsiders, so they are not interested in refugee or international issues. It means that we are very isolated in this global world.

Now I have explained to you that we don’t want to help people we don’t know. But you are surprised if you hear that the Japanese don’t want to help the Japanese themselves.

It’s all your fault

日本人は、実は「助け合い」が嫌いだった…国際比較で見る驚きの事実(坂本 治也) | 現代ビジネス | 講談社(3/5)

Look at this graph, this is a survey of opinion on whether the government should help the poor for what the poor survive or not. According to this only 53% of Japanese think they should help. This figure is lower than the proportion of the US that is central to Neoliberalism. It seems that Japanese society says, “There is no need for weak people in Japan.” Look at this graph, this is a survey of opinion on whether the government should help the poor so that the poor survive or not.

But it is true. Japanese society does not help people who fail something, but people think “You have done it, and take responsibility for it. For example, in Japan there is a program that helps people who cannot earn enough money for some reasons, but if you apply it once, you notice that many users of the social network say “People who use this program are a parasite of Japanese society! They are Namapo!” (the word that discriminates against people who use the help program).
That’s why a lot of people are depressed by a lot of criticism, and some are going to die. To live with this system, they have to be very tough. I know some people who use this system illegally and live well, but their character is very smart and selfish. Normal people cannot live like this.

Maybe this pressure gives a lot of stress to Japanese people who are going to commit suicide.

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To survive in this cold society like the foreigners they have to know many things. So I’m going to think about whether there’s a good way to get into a community or not

Ways to be Miuchi

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The Japanese pretend to agree with the idea that humans are equal, but in reality they think that “Miuchi is first, the people of others are next”. So if you protest this way of thinking as an outsider, they don’t listen to you at all. That’s why I think you should think about ways to get into a community.

For me, one way is

enter a Japanese university.

The most important advantage of entering a university is to be able to meet the Japanese who have the connections. It seems that it is very difficult but foreigners can also enter if they can pass the entrance exam. It is not necessary to have a special family to enter the community of the students. It is a very fair competition.

Until today I have seen many Japanese people who have changed their image of foreigners if they say that they studied at the prestigious Japanese university. The university is really a good ticket to enter the Japanese society. That’s why I recommend it even though it’s not that easy.

Personally I don’t agree with the current Japanese society that doesn’t help other people, that’s why I report some things although it’s a very small blog and I hope that someone is saved by my effort. Remember that there are some good Japanese people.

If you live in Japan for many years and you wake up from the dream of Japan, remember this article.

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