Discrimination by Covid, Don’t leave Tokyo, someone is watching you

Now in Tokyo the Covid infections are increasing again, so the Japanese are going to discriminate against people in Tokyo. Welcome to the country where there is a lot of discrimination and bullying, today I show you what happens in Japan

Case1 A girl who returned to her province from Tokyo⇒Su family was expelled by the oppression of the people of her village

The Japanese of villages have a traditional culture called “Murahachibu”, it is a statement as the anathema of the Catholics, and the people of villages ignore perfectly the people received “Murahachibu”. It is a social execution and usually that family has to flee to the big cities like Tokyo.

In this case, a girl who was studying at a university in Tokyo had her Covid-19 checked and returned to her village before she could know the result, so after that return to her hometown the hospital knew she had the disease, the villagers began to oppress her.

People began to spread their information on the internet, for example, photos of her and her family, where her father worked, what school she studied, and in the end her father lost his job because people looked at them badly and fled to Tokyo.

It is typical discrimination for Covid.

Case2 Someone wrote “CLOSE YOUR SHOP, DON’T USE MASKS FOR YOUR DUMMY BUSINESS” to a candy store owner because he managed when people were at home because of Covid.より

The Japanese do not forgive individualists, if someone does another act compared to the majority, most people oppress him very insidiously. In this case, a lady who owned a candy store suffered from this because the store was open even though other people did not work because they did not spread the disease in the village.

Then one day she noticed some threatening papers stuck in her store, which said “CLOSE YOUR SHOP, DON’T USE THE MASKS FOR YOUR DUMMY BUSINESS”, she was very afraid.

Normally the police can’t solve the discrimination of “Murahachibu” because she is an “Omerta” of the town. If the police goes to look for the perpetrators, she will be a new target of this discrimination, besides sometimes the mayors give pressure to the police to keep quiet.

Welcome to the country in which you are watched

The two cases that I have explained now are the symbols of Japanese culture, we care very much that we are the same as other people. It’s a big difference between Westerners and Japanese people. If you can’t notice the tacit agreement of the Japanese, don’t leave Tokyo now. You could lose your job in Japan. One day I explain about that culture.

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