World Map for the Ignorant Japanese ~Is the capital of USA New York…?~

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Many foreigners are surprised when they come to Japan because Japanese people don’t know much about their country.

It is not a lie. Someone thought that Colombia is Brazil.
(It’s a true story)

Indonesia is India.

taj mahal in india

There are only Caucasians in Paris.

I don’t want you to be disappointed, but it is real Japan.
To understand it more I show you this percentage.


This is the percentage of the Japanese population
who has a passport.

You can believe what I have told you now. Normal Japanese people isn’t interested in the foreign world although there are clearly some exceptions.

Then today I should teach you what kind of prejudice of other foreign countries Japanese people have.

Welcome to the country, Japan that says to you.
“Oh you are from America, do you know how to speak American language?”

The map for ignorant Japanese

I strongly affirm that I am not like that, but many Japanese people are prejudiced against foreign countries, and now I am going to explain it. It’s a bit strong;

But it is a pure reality

United States

USA is the most popular and well-known country in foreign countries for many japanese. All Japanese know where USA is located…. I hope so.

But USA is just “New York” and “California” for them.

Well, so USA for Japanese people is like this.

high angle view of cityscape against cloudy sky
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Hey! Welcome to the USA, this is New York and it’s center of the world! Yeehaw!! There are many tall buildings, Americans are wearing jackets like the TV drama, “Suit” to work in some global companies. Their lunch is always Hot Dog. Why? because it’s USA.

Ahh… hmm… where is the capital of USA? Isn’t it New York City? Ah ok ok it’s Washington DC. Hmm but what is DC? I only know CD.

compact discs in close up view

But USA isn’t only New York! There is also California.

hollywood sign

Is California a country?
Ah no no,
it’s the capital of Los Angeles.

California seems very dry, but there is Hollywood and so many people loves surfing and it’s very happy saying “Wowwww Yeahhh USA!USA!”. Recently marijuana is also legal, maybe it’s a good thing because USA accepted it. America is always a more advanced country than Japan.

Well, I also understand that the U.S. has a bad part. One of them is legalization of rifles. Americans when they get angry, they go to solve a problem with a gun. How terrible!

But America is the best in the world.

Now I have spoken like an ignorant Japanese about the world. But it is a reality. Also many Japanese people think that the USA loves Japan as Japan loves USA. They feel that many Americans want to travel to Japan to watch Anime although many Americans also don’t care much about other countries. So Japan looks like the fourth mistress of a man who has 4-5 mistresses. She waits at home and thinks that one day the U.S. will come back to her home even though the reality is not like that.


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・maple syrup

・The safe place. It’s good to study English




Mexico is a country where people speak Spanish while eating tacos. They are poor and work in the U.S. illegally. *It’s not my opinion OK? now I’m imitating ignorant Japanese.

person showing taco with parsley on top

And Mexico is very famous for the drug war. Every day many people die because of Mafia.

Ah I don’t want to know anymore!.

This is a typical Japanese reaction.

Narcos spread bad image of Mexico to the world.

Japanese people know only about the USA, but their image is not correct.

Today I explained to you about North America, and you understand that the Japanese know only about the U.S. although their image is very crazy. This is Japan.

Ironically Japanese people don’t know much about USA, but they love to go to this country because there is “American Dream” in USA. This is not America, this is Zootopia or something.

壁紙、Zootopia, Sloth、凝視、漫画、3Dグラフィックス、ダウンロード、写真

To live in Japan, sometimes you have to be with the ignorant people who think like what I have told you today. But the only solution is to smile and ignore. If you explain them about your peeps very well, they can’t remember it because they are not interested. That’s why smiling and ignoring is a good way not to waste your very important time.

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