Japanese teachers, hard, long, and cheap job

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If you read my articles, you already know that I studied history at my university.

History is one of the most unpopular majors in college. So when I would say I was studying history in the cafeteria with my friends’ friends, they would all ask me like this;

“You study history!?
Then you want to be the high school teacher, right?”

Aha? No, absolutely not. One I didn’t want to choose for my future job was the schools teacher because it’s a hard, long, and cheap job.

The cries of many teachers on Twitter

If you studied very well to get into a prestigious university, you should not be a teacher in schools

Many predecessors already proved it and many Twitter users are shouting to want to quit their job.

Let’s see a very famous #, this one is called “#The teachers’ witness”. The educational ministry started it to spread the charm of working for teachers. But the result was totally opposite. Many teachers claimed that the work of teachers are almost the work of slaves, in this # was full of the voice of their anger and sadness.

But the harshness of this job is very famous in Japan. So I can’t say that they are perfectly victims for me. Because it’s like going to Somalia for camping. If you lose your life for this death trip, people think it’s your fault. Being a teacher is almost like that.

Cheap and long jobs.

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Really teaching jobs are very cheap. For example I am now 25 years old and normally public high school teachers my age can make only $40,000 a year. oh It’s not as cheap as you imagined?

But they work from Monday to MONDAY.
So, they work Saturday and Sunday too.

Do you already want to start producing blue Crystal Meth
to leave a wealth for your family?

Wait, Mr. White. I’ll explain all the hardships to you.

ブレイキング・バッドの映画化が決定 | HYPEBEAST.JP

I explain the reason.

It’s all because of the “Bukatsu” system.

Bukatsu is a school system to do something with other kids in schools. Remember when you were watching Anime, the characters were doing some sport or something, right. This is Bukatsu.

胸が熱くなる部活アニメといえば?『響け!ユーフォニアム』、『ハイキュー』、『黒バス』など人気作がランクイン | ニコニコニュース
胸が熱くなる部活アニメといえば?『響け!ユーフォニアム』、『ハイキュー』、『黒バス』など人気作がランクイン | ニコニコニュース

Well, doing Bukatsu is not bad for many innocent students. But that’s why the teachers have to be the coaches, and they can’t go home before 10 o’clock at night.

On Fridays they can’t feel the happiness of this day because Japanese students also study every Saturday in schools. They just sleep in without going to the bar with friends, and they get up at 6 am on Saturday mornings to take the train.

Also many schools don’t pay money to be Bukatsu coaches.

If I have to live like this, I choose to sell garbage stocks to ignorant customers like the movie “the Wolf of Wall Street”. There is no dignity, but it is much better than what I can’t do any party for being a teacher.

Besides this job is without respect

Well now I’ve told you about dignity. Yes this job is too cheap and time consuming, but maybe I can put up with it when people respect me. But students don’t respect teachers that much.

1月16日タイの先生の日!タイ人教師の威厳が保たれている理由 | CHIAMGMAI43
In Thailand, teachers are almost gods.

100 years ago Japan was also like Thailand. Only a few elites can be the teachers in the schools, and many parents taught their children “Remember one thing. follow the teachers’ orders, otherwise I will beat you!” But there is no more this extreme respect in this country.

The reasons for the decline of its very good image are like this.

Violence to students

More or less every 3 years the police arrest some teachers for violence or sexual harassment of students. One teacher beat up students to teach sports, and another one recorded a video of students changing their clothes to take a swimming class for his collection.

Well, these bad teachers are very few in all teachers. But people started to have bad image every time they heard these crimes.

Ignoring bullying

This is also a very controversial topic. When it is clear that there is bullying in a school, the principal has to take responsibility, and “The education committee” will give punishment to the principal. That is why recently there are some principals who do not approve that there is bullying in their school. Because of their stance many young people lose respect for teachers.

Intelligent young people do not want to be teachers.

And the last reason is this. In the past, being a teacher was very prestigious in Japanese society, but nowadays many young people know that it is an unrewarded ticket. Of course, there are many young people who want to be teachers to improve the Japanese educational environment, but they get tired because of too much work and every year some young people quit their jobs. The smart kids have no logical reason to be a teacher.

In fact now only two kinds of young people want to be teachers. They are like this;

The idealist who wants to change the bad situation even though he doesn’t know how serious his problem is.


The smart and conservative young people who want to work in public schools that do not easily dismiss teachers.

We cannot buy any bread con the ideal

baker with cut loaf on plate
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Although I say for a realist, but I sound like a pessimist. But it is a reality.

We cannot buy any bread with the ideal.

I saw a college classmate who wanted to be a teacher to make good future for the kids, but one year after she became a teacher, she quit her job because she became depressed because of too much work. She had the ideal but did not know the reality, so her ideal killed her future. If we want to do a great job, we have to know the reality and the ideal.

In your country are teachers respected?

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