To work in Japan, study Japanese industries.

Now you are reading my article, so hopefully you want to work in Japan, don’t you. But today I explain for foreigners who want permanent job like Japanese people.

If you want to do only Working Holiday, this article can’t help you.

On the contrary if you meet three points I mention now, you should read this one.

①You are a regular student of a Japanese university(=You are not a university student using the exchange program).

②You want to work in Japan, and know how Japanese people look for a job.

③You want to live in Japan even if you have to go through hell to be in this country as a foreigner

Are you like that, then I’ll share with you my way of looking for a job as a Japanese who worked in a listed company.

Ready? Let’s go!

Do you know the important industries in Japan?

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Now you want to work in Japan, so do you know the economic structure of Japan? If you don’t know which industry is very big and small, because of your wrong image you choose a very unstable and small company.

So you should understand what kind of business there is in Japan.

As a first step to understand Japanese economy, I feel that you should study what industries are big, and what major companies there are.

Now how many Japanese companies can you say: Toyota, Sony, Nintendo and…? Maybe you can’t say more than 100 companies. So your actual goal is to know 100 major Japanese companies and what kind of business they do.

For example Toyota is very famous, but do you know DENSO? It is a listed and international company that makes the electrical parts of Toyota cars.

I give you another example, Komatsu  is the number two company in the world that manufactures machinery for the construction and mining industry. But if you live in Japan only as a resident, you can’t know it naturally.

Have you already understood the importance of knowing the main Japanese companies to work in Japan? There are many global companies in Japan, but if you don’t study Japanese economy, you can’t come across these. That’s why you have to remember them

So, I will show you how to search for major companies below.

The practical way to look for Japanese companies

市場規模マップ |

I will introduce the practical way to search for Japanese companies.

I think you should understand which industry is big in this country, I recommend a website called “Shijo Kibo Map“.

This is a site that visualizes the size of each Japanese industry, and you can easily know which industry is very big in Japan.

市場規模マップ |

I am going to demonstrate. For example, many foreigners want to go into tourism because they can easily imagine that it is a job that relate to foreign country. But when I go to look at the dimension of this industry…

It is not that big!

As I have shown you you can understand the importance of each industry, can’t you?

For example tourism is a main industry in Spain, and it occupies 26% of GDP. That’s why Spaniards imagine that there is the same possibility in Japan, but the reality is not like that. Thanks to this page you can know the reality of the Japanese economy.

Knowing the details of the companies

Have you found the industries you want to work in? If so, let’s look up the details of the companies.

Let’s google like this. Today, I am going to look for some big companies about tourism by demonstration.

Tourism, Listed companies

So I have obtained this result.

Next, Click on the page of
日本経済新聞(The Japanese economic newspaper).

旅行・ホテル業界 : 銘柄一覧 : 日経会社情報DIGITAL : 日経電子版

This newspaper gives you a list of listed companies depending on each industry. Then you can know what big tourism companies are in Japan.

For example today I am going to research more about “SeibuHoldings“, which has railroad and many hotels.

When you want to know the details of a company, google with the company name.

If you want to know what kind of business this company does, you should check “IR(Investment Relations) Informations”. Usually big Japanese companies have the English version. Well, Seibu Holdings has it too.

SeibuHoldings | Smiles ahead

Congratulations, you have finally reached the page where you can learn about the company’s business.

Foreigners lose the competition because of the lack of information.

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Today you could find out about a large listed company just by using Google. So studying Japanese economics is not difficult. But foreigners can’t do it, why…?

Because nobody teaches them this way.

Job hunting is a competition, that is a war. Nobody teaches you the important information in the economic battlefield. It’s a cruel reality, but that’s why there is a big difference in the working environment between foreigners and Japanese.

It’s like this picture…

As an adult who works in Japan, I think that foreigners don’t know basic things to work in Japan. That’s why almost no one can have a permanent job and the future of exploitation is waiting them. But if I can give you the basic information to work in Japan, you can change your future, I believe that and I run my blog for this motivation.

Having a permanent job is not an easy way, but if you want, I want to help you with my blog. Good luck.

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