Where is my work! look for a job for a Japanese①

Yesterday a foreign friend asked me if there is a job in my company or not, so I did an interview, because this guy told me that he did not have the work experience but he had two diplomas, I thought “ah… again”. They think they can look for jobs in Japan in the same way as their country, but honestly it is totally different.

So from today I’m going to write how I found the current job, so you can use it to survive in Japan. Finding a good job is not easy here either, I hurt my heart very strangely and my sister is looking for a job, but she has rare hives from stress.


The job hunt in Japan begins when the Japanese are the third year of the university student, so I thought I had to start the jobs, but I did not know what I had to do, so I went to ask the labor sector to find out how to find the jobs.

TIP1 In Japanese universities there is a sector to consult with Career Planner about your life and your work. Foreigners should go there, but they do not know about this sector.

When I entered the sector, no one was there but a counselor answered my questions about how to look for work. according to her I have to do many things and the agenda was like this

  • December of the third year of university: Take the exams to participate in the «Intership», before taking the exams you have to study Japanese, mathematics and English, you must also write because you want to participate in the intership of this company.
  • February of fourth year of university: Participate in the intership and I have to show how useful you are, the sectors of the companies look at what you can grow well after entering this company or not. If you can demonstrate your potential ability, companies give you the opportunity to do the special interviews, as you can have the promise of hiring easier than normal interviews.
  • March of fourth year of college: The actual interviews begin, you do the exams and interviews again. If you cannot have the occasion of the special interviews, you have to do 3-13 interviews each company.
  • June of fourth year of university: If you do very well in interviews, companies give you the commitment that will hire you when you graduate. Congratulations you can be an independent adult.

TIP2 You can do intership when you are a university student, so if you study at a Japanese university and want to work in Japan, you should try it, it is much better than looking for a permanent job after graduation, because in the time of Intership, companies look at you like business beginners, but they want to raise you like a baby, but if you are looking for a job after graduation, they look at you as a professional worker, and they don’t want to employ inexperienced people. BE CAREFUL.

I was very surprised because I had to do many things and asked her, «Do all students really prepare for many interships and interviews?» Well, she said with a sigh, «Okay, I explain very well about the job hunting system, but many students are not going to do anything or try not to see the hard reality, so to finish they cannot get the good jobs If you want to be an adult, you have to think and try very well for your life. Nobody helps you. » I felt the severity of the real world, and I understood that my parents helped me from this cure. But there is no other way for me, I have to get a job to be an independent adult with a permanent job.

Finally, I went home to buy some texts for the intership exams.

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