Do you know what your life goal is? Do you want to work? I present to you here: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese②

When I realized it, it was time to look for work and prepare for the Interships, but I still couldn’t decide what kind of company I wanted to work for. He didn’t even know anything about the companies that were in the country. Counting the number of companies I know is almost the same as counting the number of stars in the sky. “What should I do…?” I thought, and after noticing that 5 more people in the room had the same concern as me, I sighed.

One boy, as the leader of this group, asked his friends:

“Well, have you already decided where do you want to work?”

“I don’t know… I’m lazy to think about my future… hehe. Today I am going out with a girl from my class ”answered a friend of hers, who seemed to have a hangover. Then a girl started bragging.

“I think very well about my life! It’s the 21st century, and women have to prove their worth too. That is why I will go to work at HIS to put my French into practice! This company is in the first position of the ranking “The classification of companies in which everyone wants to work” this year “


A famous travel agency in Japan. The best known after JTB. Every winter he has sales for university students, so they know his name very well and they will say that they want to work at HIS. This option has two shortcomings. The first is that the economy influences the tourism business too much, and that is why it does not appear to be a stable business.

The second is that JTB was a national company, which its wealthy clients trust will continue to do so. On the other hand, HIS does not generate as much as JTB. This makes them organize trips for stingy students; Well, economically, working at HIS is not a very good idea, let’s say. There are many other ways to use French in Japan.

TIP2 The classification of the companies in which everyone wants to work:

It is a classification that Mainabi SA, in charge of conducting surveys on which company a university student wants to work for once they graduate, publishes each year based on the opinion of students who seem to know nothing about the way in which the that the economy is managed in Japan. They think according to their own criteria, or tastes. For example, someone will say “I want to work at McDonald’s because I like it,” which IS NOT a valid classification to support the stable company ranking, but many Japanese do.

I was scared to hear these phrases from the boys. Believing the classification of something rare is absurd, but these people were believing it as if it were God.

I had a question; Is working in a famous company and expecting someone to praise me is my ideal lifestyle? What do I want to do with my life? I understood that I did not know anything about the goal of my life despite having already finished with 25% of his time. I thought that I would have to know more about this society in order to be a responsible, working adult who can do something in his life.

Having arrived home, I told my father what was eating away at me and weighing on my conscience. He already knew that he had already been looking for a job for a couple of years, which is why, thoughtful and worried at the same time, he was surprised and told me: “You still have a lot to learn. You have to read this book.” the book titled “Shikihou”

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