Do you know what kind of business famous companies do in your country? Here is a Japanese way to get a steady job: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese③

My father had given me a book called “Sikihou”.

“What is this book?”

I asked him, then he said eating dinner:

“In this book there is all the information of listed companies. It is appropriate if Japanese society does not yet know, and study from what type of business Japanese companies do.” After reading a few pages I understood that he was right.

TIP1 Shikihou: It is a magazine about listed companies published by Toyo Keizai Sinpo Inc. If you want to know something about listed companies, just read this book. It is like the bible of the Japanese economy.

Of course there are many companies in Japan and the number of all companies is almost 4 million including small companies in Japan. But those that are listed on the stock market and about which we can know the administration information are only 3800 companies. So if you want to know Japanese society, to begin with you should know from the work of large companies than small ones because there are two advantages.

The first advantage is that you can know what type of business the large Japanese companies that sustain the Japanese economy do, and the second advantage is that you can find the correct information of companies from documents that they distribute in the general meeting of shareholders. By law, Japanese companies have to ensure the accuracy of this information, since understanding the real situation of a listed company is easier than a small company.

For two reasons I began to know from these companies.

However researching all the 3,800 listed Japanese companies is too much. If you think like this now, I advise you to research Nikkei 225 companies. It is an index of 255 most important Japanese companies in the Japanese market, and if you know their businesses, it is enough for a foreigner. For the Spanish it is like IBEX35.

Empresas Nikkei 225

I had read this book very well and noticed that there are many Nikkei 225 companies that do international business but did not know, for example;

①Teiseki: It is a company that exploits natural gas and oil, Japan does not have an oil field on its land, so it is going to exploit other countries. For example, it has the right to exploit oil in the field in Azerbaijan.

②Rakuten: It is the famous company also in Spain because it is the current sponsor of FC Barcelona. Originally his main business was electronic commerce, but now he does the credit card and telephone business. Currently his work environment is very international, and the company asks to speak English in the office, foreigners living in Japan are famous for being able to work comfortably.

* But there are rumors that managers use only English in important meetings, and their international business failed due to lack of international market knowledge, but I want to talk in another article.

Perhaps the Spanish speakers who are reading my blog did not know about these companies, but they did not know it when I was a university student. It is a reality of Japanese students, they do not know much about Japanese society. Thanks to this book I was able to find some very interesting companies, but I want to explain about their work in the next article.

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