Japan might let you down in those 3 situations.

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Japan is a very good country. Nobody shoots you, in the restaurants prices are affordable and food is good. Plus there is also good nature. Do you want to live in Japan?

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As a Japanese, I tell you that living full-time in Japan is like playing a video game on hard mode. It’s not like playing a game on easy mode at all. So going to the country to play easy mode is a big mistake. I swear to you that if you have the misconception of living in Japan is easy, you will leave Japan very soon.

Well, I will explain in details.

【MIS UNDERSTANDING】 There are much more work opportunities in Japan than in your country. Because economically Japan is third among the most powerful countries in the world.

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There are more jobs here than in many countries. Yet it doesn’t mean that they are the job positions you can work in as a foreigner.

For example, let’s say today you arrived in Japan without knowing anything. Can you negotiate with your clients to sell car components in Japanese? It is so difficult, right? In addition Japanese companies ask you to speak high level Japanese. Therefore you cannot choose many jobs.

If you are Chinese or Korean, the situation is a little bit better because there are many Chinese in Japan and you can negotiate with them over selling cars. But if you are European, American, Latino etc …, the jobs you can do in Japan are very limited. Do you want to do Uber Eats abroad? I don’t think so.

If you can speak Japanese very well and you get an opportunity to work in a Japanese company, can you work like Japanese workers who are not afraid of Karoushi?

By the way I studied for 12 hours every day since when I was 12 years old, so I adapted myself to working long hours too. We Japanese people are like the Spartans of work.

This is Sparta!!!

【MISUNDERSTANDING】 If you study in the Japanese language department, you will be able to work in Japan in the future.

If you study Japanese at your university to live in Japan one day, this means that you are moving away from your dream.

Study special skills like programming or digital graphics if you want to live in another country.

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You should understand that what kind of foreigners the Japanese government wants to invite. Those are the people who can do something special or something that nobody wants to do in Japan. Honestly, Japan isn’t the country of immigrants like the US. It has a very strange culture (for you) and the Japanese are relatively educated to work. That’s why we don’t want normal foreign people.

In this situation the fact that you studied Japanese at university isn’t something extra, but it’s an absolute necessary requirement. That’s why you should major in one more department in order to be more useful than other normal Japanese. Otherwise, Japanese companies have no advantage in employing you.

It’s a bit cruel for foreigners, but if you can’t put in a lot of effort I have to say that you shouldn’t come to Japan. Because here there aren’t many jobs that you can use other languages except for Japanese. Japan is a very closed country.

If you can choose “the slave option”, you can live in Japan in tears. Do you know that the foreigners who used a special program to work in Japan died? In total 174 people died (12 people died from suicide, 25 people drowned, 1 person froze to death etc …). It happened just in 8 years.

The communist newspaper reported on this case.

So if you choose this option, understand that you can die by chance.

He is strange to us too.

Anime and Medium are Japanese cultures, but it doesn’t mean that all Japanese love them. However young boys bully otakus, so going to Japan doesn’t mean being able to avoid the persecution of Otaku.

Clearly loving Anime is your choice. You can continue living in Japan, but remember that Japanese people believe that foreign otakus are strange. They just don’t say directly to you.

Also if you are Hentai, do not come to Japan, there are already many native Hentais, enough.

Honestly living with regular income in Japan is very difficult. I know some Japanese and Latin couples but they can’t get permanent jobs. Are you sure about coming here for this future? That’s why I recommend you to travel to Japan. In this case I can say that Japan is a very good country.

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