The reason why you can only live in Tokyo

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Although it’s out of the blue, I want  to ask you that whether you want to live in a traditional town like that. 

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But if your answer is yes, think twice. If you are planning to live in Japan in the long term, you can live only in Tokyo.

There is no job.

The current foreign population in Tokyo is 2,900,000 people. However 44% of the entire foreign population lives in Tokyo, and another 30% live in Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. Therefore, the foreigners who are living in small cities are very few. The cause of this phenomenon is so fundamental. The reason is that there are no jobs for foreigners in these cities. It’s crystal clear, isn’t it?

I explained the reason also in this article.I wrote the reason also in this article.

In these days, Japanese society is inviting only the foreigners who have special abilities like programming or designing. Yet this type of work is available only in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama. In addition almost the entire corporate headquarters are located in Tokyo. That’s why you should live in there.

Working as an English teacher is an exception because there is demand in public schools. However, the contract is so unstable. 

Do you want to live in a foreign country in the long term with the fear of lack of money?

If you want to plan your life well, I feel like you must live in Tokyo for being able to have an access to the good job opportunities.

The village’s people are pretty closed

The people of the village are more closed than you can imagine. Even the urban Japanese cannot adapt to village life due to conflicts with locals. Now I am going to explain this fact with some examples.

For example, a Chinese tried to open a Chinese restaurant in a town, then the locals were outraged that the intruder bought the town’s land. Then they began to overbear this Chinese and some of them went to the mayor’s house to ask to expel this Chinese conqueror. Finally this Chinese left town fearfully.

In another example, there is a town where only the people who has same last name with locals can live in there. If someone else wants to live in there, they have to marry with the locals. One day a person refused to change his last name, then the locals began to do terrible bullying. Furthermore the locals had succeeded in expelling him.

These two examples are a bit extreme, but in general there is bullying of foreigners or mestizos in the villages. I have some mestizo friends who lived in the villages. They suffered from bullying when they said different opinions from the majority said.

The same tragedy occurs when the Japanese people from Tokyo move to the towns. If they say “In Tokyo it’s not like that”, the social sanction begins and everyone ignores them. Plus there was a case of bullying because a boy could not speak the dialect of that place.

You must have already understood that living in the Japanese village means that living in “Japanistan”. So now let’s think about what you should understand before deciding to live in Tokyo.

The cold city, Tokio

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Tokyo is a cold city. Nobody knows you and everyone is not only polite but also superficial.

Yes, it’s true that it’s like an “AKIRA” world.

There are not many human feelings but no one enters to your personal space. Actually sometimes it’s pretty comfortable for the people who love solitude. To be honest I think that it’s very toxic for many foreigners and many foreigners leave Japan because of this disease.

Do you want real friendships? If you are already an adult, it’s easy to make acquaintances.  Yet it’s difficult to make real friends. Many Japanese want to know.

In conclusion, as a foreigner, living in Tokyo seems to be the best way to have a good future. However, having the talent of loving solitude is essential for living in this desert of the hearts.

I like Tokyo because I am from here. I have a lot of relationship with the Tokyonese but for foreigners it’s a bit harsh.

What is your motivation to live in Japan? Having a concrete motivation is necessary to endure loneliness and maintain your life in Japan.

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