Japanese are ants: can you be a new ant?

macro photo of five orange ants

The Japanese are animals like ants or Pikmins, if you think like that you can understand the mentality of the Japanese. OK, so let’s watch each other!

The Japanese people fight for their colony

Why do you work for? Is it for salary? That’s an important reason, I understand you very well. However, Japan requires “working for society”. Of course like many people, Japanese people also work for themselves but you shouldn’t say “work for wages.”

The Japanese despise people who lives for money. In addition they respect the people who die for an ideal

If you don’t understand this point well, it’s inevitable that you fail in business with the Japanese. For example, I am gonna mention the mistakes that foreigners often make in interviews.

Many foreign employees think that they can get an evaluation by only explaining their CV and achievements. However in Japan they are very likely to be like pushy mercenaries.

All you need in Japanese business is your good CV and high loyalty. Japanese society is watching you whether you can sacrifice yourself for the Japanese community.

This will be a spiritual pillar that supports Karoushi and long working hours. For instance, Karoushi was praised in the past for the reason that he/she didn’t die for his/her family but he/she died for outsiders (companies etc.). This situation has recently improved.

he Kamikaze attack is very similar to this. Many Japanese were repeatedly bombed in the Kamikaze attack but Japanese society worshipped them as the war gods who died for Japan during the war.

But notice a trick. Do you really think that we wanted to do Kamikaze? Many young people didn’t want to be kamikaze and now no one wants to die of overwork without seeing their families. However this phenomenon keeps happening, isn’t it strange?

In other words, there is a system that consists of a system that punishes people who don’t do Kamikaze.

Japanese people eliminate harmful insects in the nest

mad formal executive man yelling at camera

The ants called “The Japanese” completely eliminate the ants that don’t work in the nest and the other insects that have entered their castle. Thus the security is stable. Plus they are doing this by means of «Bullying».

For example, what kind of results did the Japanese who rejected Kamikaze expect? It must be “The traitor of the fatherland”. If they declare you like this, your family will be socially exiled, even the people who live next to you will not talk to you.

The same thing happens in the company. For example, if you finish your job and go home even though others stay at the office, at this point you become a “Company Traitor” at the company. You should ask your boss “Excuse me, could I go home today?”

Well, you can imagine what will happen next, right?

Let’s start bullying time.

And let’s say you behaved a little differently than most. This is a sign of a “dangerous molecule”. In other words, you are a person who is likely to become a “Traitor”.

For example, not wearing the same clothes with others in school or even the time first drink you drink at a party is not beer, this is a sign for Japanese people. Yes, the Japanese don’t overlook even the slightest difference and they determine whether you are the member of majority or the dangerous outsider.

Please be careful.

As a foreigner, you are already very different from us and the Japanese people are watching your behavior closely. If you’re wrong, social sanctions are await, right?

Even so there are several types of people in Japan, not everyone is exactly the same. So what is the difference? It’s just about that ants have different types of jobs.

There are several types of ants in Japan

red ant on brown wooden stick

Royal ants, also live in the nest, are sharing various tasks. For example, there are ants that look for food outside, those that take care of children and the queen. Therefore the same roles are true in Japan.

For example, at the entrance ceremony of the University of Tokyo, the best university in Japan, a famous professor read a ceremonial speech several years ago. It was like this;

“Don’t think that you entered the University of Tokyo just because of your ability. Your parents helped you a lot and society helped them. So you have to play a social role as a student at the University of Tokyo.”

This is similar to the western idea of Noblesse of Rouge. Therefore it’s believed that socially noble people should play a severe role. In fact, many of the students at the University of Tokyo become bureaucrats. Yet the sector of this job is so demanding and cheap. However they continue to work without sleep. They try their best to fulfill his/her social role in the country.

Once a student at the University of Tokyo told me: “This is my destiny.”

By the way since you are foreigners, the Japanese consider you “foreign ants”. Plus you are bound to play a role as foreign ant. However, it’s quite difficult for you to join the group of “Japanese ants” because you are an ant that has a different job, although you are the same ant.By the way, since you are foreigners, the Japanese consider you “foreign ants.” And you are bound to play a role as foreign ants. However, it is quite difficult for you to join the group “Japanese ants” because you are an ant that has a different job, although you are the same ant.

In fact, many foreigners complain that the Japanese people don’t consider themselves as Japanese even though they have lived in Japan for 30 years. However that’s not the case. The Japanese people recognize you as the same “ant” but think of you as a “foreign ant” who  is doing different work.

If you are not considered an “ant”, you cannot live in this country. “The foreign cicada” is eaten by “Japanese ants.”

Well, it’s real Japan.

By the way, I am living on this island like an ant too. Yet I don’t have many complaints about this life. I am a winged male ant so I can fly, cause I speak different languages, but I am not a bird so I don’t envy the birds that fly freely in the world. I am accepting the given destiny.

You are like a bird who can fly freely but can you become a winged ant?

Proofreading by Megumisan

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