You can go to the any hospital you want! Welcome to the paradise of the medical system, also known as Japan!

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You cannot die easily in this country!

In my blog, which has a dark environment, words like “Paradise” are not appropriate but it’s a reality. Japan is the country where you can receive the best medical treatment. Can’t you believe it? Well, I’m going to try to convince you.

Cheap and good hospitals

I am telling you again,

The medical system in this country is the best in the world.

2019医療制度ランキング OECD諸国で日本が1位、2位ドイツ、3位スイス.jpg
The top 10 most searched for London hospitals in 2019:
The most searched for hospitals in London

In fact, according to an English investigation, Japan received the first prize on the medical system. Do you believe in my words? Can I explain more? Yes? Ok then, let’s continue.


If you are in Japan, you can go to the doctor by paying only 30% of the total cost. Does your head hurt? Let’s go to the clinic! Oh well you think that you can’t use national insurance because your tooth hurts? No way! Clearly you can also go to the dentist at low cost.


I have experienced going to the Spanish hospital. When I went to the emergency room because of intense stomachache, the assistant told me that I had to wait around 45 minutes. Then I waited like a zombie.

After 45 minutes the doctor called me in to the consulting room and told me that he just wanted to check my pulse. Then I had to wait longer. In the end I thought “ah kill me please”. However if I go to the Japanese clinic, I need to wait only 15 minutes (max 60 minutes).

I am gonna give you a detailed explanation. It’s an investigation by “The Meeting of Japanese Doctors” about how much it costs if you go to the emergency room for appendicitis.

I give you a more concrete example. It’s an investigation by “The Meeting Of Japanese Doctors” on how much it costs if you go to the emergency room for appendicitis.

  • New York: $ 15,000-45,000 (Hospitalization days: 1-3 days)
  • Paris: $2,200-9,700 (Days of hospitalization: 3 days)
  • Madrid: $4,860-9,180 (Hospitalization days: 3 days)
  • Tokyo: $ 3,000 (Days of hospitalization: 6-7 days)

Doctors take care of you well and the time period you can stay in the hospital is twice as long than the time period you can stay in those western cities’ hospitals. It’s not necessary to be afraid of that being at home with a stomachache from the operation.

Also if the price of the treatment costs more than the limit, it’s not necessary to pay more. For example my grandfather used a very good anti-cancer medicine that costs 200,000 dollars and he paid only 1,000 dollars.

Unfortunately, he fell and died when he went out to the balcony to feel happy because he was healed perfectly due to the medicine.

I was also able to check very quickly in the hospital when a doctor said that it was possible that I had lung cancer (at a very cheap cost).

One day while I was working, my boss gave me a paper with the result of the medical check-up. The paper was saying that it was possible that I had lung cancer. I yelled with a sallow face “Whyyyyyy !! ??” So my boss told me that I should go to the hospital and I went there on the day I learned the result.

When I entered the consulting room, I asked the doctor this question: “Doctor, am I going to die?”. Then he replied “Don’t worry, let’s check with the computer tomography(CT)”. This way I was able to check my medical condition quickly.

The result was so interesting. The doctor said with a smiling face:

“Ah, your nipple is relatively large for a man so the shadow of your nipple looked like lung cancer”. I had died of shame.

However if I had had a real cancer, I would not have written this article now.

The foreigners can use this system

If you work in Japan, you can receive medical treatment by paying the monthly insurance costs. In addition if you don’t have money, the hospital expense is free (on the condition that you have a resident visa).

Cheer up! Haven’t you bought a plane ticket to Japan yet?

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Ah, I forgot to say something so important. This system is breaking down recently. If you want to hear the reason,

To be continued

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