You can go to the any hospital you want! Welcome to the paradise of the medical system, also known as Japan! Episodo 2

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The system like paradise cannot last.

Yesterday I explained about the very good medical system in Japan, but I also said that this system is breaking down. The cause is the aging society.

So the perfect system to save the people is ironically breaking to save the elderly.

This phrase is not just what I said, I heard from a person who works in a hospital. It’s totally a honne that he can’t tell.

Income ↓ Expense ↑


Take this graphic, for example. This is a breakdown of medical expenses in Japan, and the red part is medical expenses used by people 65 and older. Obviously, we can see that older people, who often have health problems, spend more money than younger people.

By the way, do you know how much percent of the population over 65 years old they occupy in this country?

It is 28.1%

So there are a lot of older people who probably have health problems, and the country has to help them. However, just helping is not the fundamental solution to change the difficulty to continue the medical system.

Because many people who are over 65 years of age are pensioners, and they cannot dedicate themselves to earn money and pay the tax to maintain the system. Do you know a grandfather who works a lot like 25-year-olds? Or is there a 75 year old programmer in your office? There is an exception, but it is difficult.

However, the young Japanese population is shrinking very fast, therefore the Japanese economy suffers greatly. So…

Japan’s situation is that workers are declining and consumption is also declining.

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It is like a roller coaster.

So do you think the government should provide support to young couples for parenting? You’re right. However, young people do not go to elections. He’s so indifferent to politics, and MPs are making policy for older people who are eager to vote. They think it is better to make a policy for the elderly and get a very high salary for four years than to lose the election and lose your life. They are also humans, so I understand their attitude.

Therefore, this society is almost certain to collapse. And Prime Minister Abe also said last year: “Everyone, start investing and save your own money.” In other words,

The country is also saying, “I can’t help you anymore!”

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Wow, now you think, “Is that a Japanese problem?”

This problem also affects you, in other words foreigners. Why did Japan strengthen its tourism industry for foreigners? Why did the government declare that it would increase foreign students? Motivation is what it is about increasing external demand and maintaining the current economy.

The government is monitoring the money you pay.

I would like you to think about a question in this situation. Will the Japanese government prepare money for education costs and subsidies to accept foreign immigrants? You don’t imagine government politicians thinking, “We are going to let foreign tourists stay in the country or work as highly skilled and low-wage workers. However, if they start living in Japan for many years, it will be expensive.” They seem to think that way, right?

In other words, I would like to say that the Japanese government wants to use foreigners as a scapegoat to maintain the current economy.

Of course, if you are a good foreigner and can work in the countries around the world, no problem. Moving to Lebanon after working for 2 years. (As Carlos Gone)

However, if you don’t have any skills and can’t speak Japanese well, the Japanese will smile and tell you, “Okay. Go to our school, study there and then work in Japan. Wow, it’s a slave ship ticket.

They say you can pay back the cost of school, if you work seriously in Japan for a few years, but you can’t really earn money from exploitation, and you have to stay here like a slave.

Well, Japan looks like a very pretty flower …

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It is a worm plant.

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