The 2 reasons you don’t like Japanese men

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Maybe you are a foreign woman who wants Japanese boyfriend if you like Japan. But the Japanese have some difficulties for women in Western culture. Today we are going to talk about two things that you might not like about Japanese men.

The Japanese are Macho

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According to “Global Gender Gap Report 2020” the Japanese position of the ranking on equality between men and women is 121 in 153 countries. The documents say that in Japanese society there are not many women who are doing something important like politics or professors

Unfortunately, this is true. Japan is an overwhelming male-dominated society. Men are strong and need to study hard for their clan and fight in society, and women must heal the hearts of men who are pretty and tired of fighting.

In fact, when I asked many friends, one said, “Women should be stupider than me. I don’t like being out of control.” This is certainly the true intention that many Japanese men say at the men’s party and actually, at my university, there was a club that had a party with female college students. This is because there is an image that college students in women’s colleges are obedient and not very smart.

There have been some changes in recent years. Some progressive men think that women have to speak up and be equal as partners, just like men. However, there are not many men of this type, as they are often those who have been able to experience European or American values. People of this type are in urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka, so if you want to meet a man who understands European values, you should go to Tokyo or Osaka.

As a way to check if you have this kind of thinking, it would be a meaningful way to check if you have lived abroad for a long time.

Japanese men don’t think too badly to cheat on

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According to an investigation by Durex, the Japanese are not so unfaithful, But Japan’s position on the tolerance of unfaithfulness is tenth in the countries of the world. In my opinion it is because of the ancient custom of polygamy. Until 150 years ago strong Japanese men had several wifes, but we changed this culture to be more western. But in the country the environment remains that we think that men cannot love only one woman, so there is tolerance. Furthermore, women do not have much strength to be economically free in Japan.

I asked my friends at university what they thought about the polygamy system. Many students said: “I already have a girlfriend, but I can’t have any more, every day she calls me to know when I come home.” But no one answered: “It should be monogamy!”

So I feel like there are many more unfaithful men than people know, actually my popular friends had girlfriends at the same time.

¿Qué opinan de las mujeres extranjeras que realmente viven en Japón?

To write this article I asked some opinions of foreign women living in Japan.


I don’t think all Japanese are the macho ones, and I think there are some Europeans who think that way. However, there are so many cultural differences between Japan and Europe. So it can be difficult to find someone who can understand each other’s differences


Japanese men have the idea of ​​machismo, so it may not be suitable for women who want to express their opinions. I also feel like a lot of men don’t think much about women. As a result, foreign women who liked Japanese used to break up in the end.


It is difficult to understand your opinion because you do not express it clearly. Japanese men want women to imagine their mind for the symbol of love. But it is very difficult for the Argentines.

In my opinion, it would be difficult to be dating the Japanese in this country if you have the ideas of Europe or America. Of course, Japanese men must understand your culture and your way of thinking, but you must also understand Japanese culture because you cannot live as 100% European. International romance is exciting and fun, but it may not last long if you date him because he is completely different from you. The step towards realizing equality between men and women has recently started to advance. What do you think?

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