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【A】Keio University:University of the Classists

A few days ago my friend asked me which Japanese university should I go for an exchange student, in my opinion going to any university gives you a good experience to learn about Japanese society, but universities are the symbol of your character. If you goes to a stupid university, japanese people think that you are stupid too. That why I want to present the image of some Japanese universities, and today the topic is Keio University.

Keio University

Keio University is the oldest private university in Japan, and it was born in 1920, the characteristic of that university is that it has a very strong band in Japanese society, it calls it “Mitakai”. In fact, in this band there are many politicians and the presidents of big companies and they help each other to prosper together, for the symbol of that philosophy every year there is a university party called “Mitasai”, the graduates give presents away to animate the party, I know a person who gave away a PORSCHE car for a bingo prize. The strength of the Keio students is this Team Play, at the same time the Tokyo university students are very individualistic because each one believes that they are the smartest than others.

I explained a good part of this university but it has a bad part too, for example it is an atmosphere that people consider that students who have parents who studied in Keio are better than students who entered Keio for the first time in their family. and Keio has the college and some elementary school, junior high school and high school. so the internal people think that the real Keio students are the people who study from the elementary school of Keio to Keio university, actually the main people in Keio’s band are the people of that type. There is the difficulty of entering that society if we enter from the university.

If you can enter this community, you are speechless because of his unreal life, I know some stories. For example when a student said he wants to go to Disney Land, his friends said it was fine, so he waited in front of the entrance that day in Tokyo Disney Land, then nobody came there, the boy thought strange and called his friends, so the friends said “Hey, where are you? We are already in California”, his friends thought that going to Disney Land means going to Disney Land Of California. Sometimes it happens like this story, that’s why there are Japanese who think badly of Keio, particularly the intelligent Japanese from the rural area went to Waseda University to fight with Keio, which is why now two universities are official rivals.

There is more interesting culture in Keio university, they love Fukuzawa Yukichi who founded it, the school teaches that the students use the word “Teacher” only for him, among the school all are equal under the rubric of Fukuzawa.

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I am not from Keio so I can think neutral, and I feel that Keio has an arrogant part but Keio students love their school in general, if you want to enter that university you should go there, I feel that you can feel what Japanese society is like, at the same time it is not so international, if you want to go to the international university, I recommend the university of Sophia or ICU. What kind of university do you want to go to? I await your opinion.

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