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The Samurai is Yakuza Episode 1

The Samurai are the people who had pride and fought with the enemies with a Katana to defend the farmers, blah blah … There is an image of this type about Samurai, but it is an illusion. The life of a true Samurai is almost Vikings or Yakuza. To distinguish between the illusion samurai and the real ones, we are going to study today.

The age of the bodyguards of the nobles

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Many years ago, the Japanese in Kyoto could not rule the entire land of Japan. The region where more east of Tokyo is placed was called “Togoku”, meaning “East Country”, and another “Emishi” people continued to fight with the Japanese from Kyoto. Therefore the Japanese from Kyoto started sending the poor nobles to conquer this area, and they fought very well because they knew there was no promotion in Kyoto.

Sakanoue No Tamuramaro, a very famous general to fight with Emishi.

The poor nobles fought very well for their honor and to have their feudal land, and they founded some Japanese cities mixing with the Emishis and the East Japanese. At this time the locals wanted the help of the strong nobles, and the Japanese conquerors wanted to rule the unknown land very well, the both intent coincided very well.

It is true that these Japanese seem like the mestizos of Latin America. Almost the same event occurred in the land of East Japan in the 6th-10th century.

So the Japanese perfectly conquered Japan except Hokkaido, but a problem remained, is that the Kyoto government could not perfectly govern the new territory because it was too far away.

The central government sent troops to ensure the security of this area, but for what was not enough, the bandits stole money from the travelers, the Japanese conquerors fought to have more land.

Then little by little the eastern Japanese went to arm, and began to think «We have to kill the enemies before they will kill us»
It was the time that the Samurai was born.

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Este Japón era como Texas.

The Japanese from all over the region began to hear the rumor of Samurai that they had no pity and killed even children, but the noblemen who lived in Kyoto thought they could use them as bodyguards.

To start the samurai were happy to be bodyguards because the people of the capital admitted them to work in beautiful Kyoto. But little by little they understood that the nobles used them as sacrifices. Therefore they had a wish that they wanted to control politics after a few years.

Japanese nobles did not want to do dirty work, and they thought they were very elegant.

When the samurai had very great ambition, a civil war occurred between the nobles. The samurais used this war, the nobles asked them to participate in the side, then the samurais threatened so that the nobles gave the post of politics. From this time the very long time of the samurai began.

The Japan of Vikings

The first time of the rule of Samurai called “The time of Kamakura”, the capital moved to Kamakura, the Samurai started politics. But the character of the warriors did not change anything.

By the way, the ideal time for Samurai is Kamakura. Because the Kamakura samurais lived only to kill someone, they seemed like homicide artisans, and we thought that it was the purity of the warriors.


  • Don’t kill the homeless for bow exercises.
  • Don’t rape farmer’s wives. They are also humans.
  • Don’t decorate the head of the person you killed above the door. It’s rude.
  • Don’t kill easily samurai of another family. Your boss doesn’t praise you for killing someone without thinking.

From these laws we can know how the Japanese were barbarians. In fact, the Chinese did not want to invade Japan because a minister said “The people there love to kill but there is nothing special on earth. Conquering Japan is like burying a valley with Chinese corpses. “

After the time of Kamakura the samurai became more elegant but they forgot the purity of warriors. When I studied Japanese history I can’t believe because today’s Japanese are so relaxing.

But we respect the heart of Samurai, we live in war, and they died in war. The purity of the warriors is a crux to understand the Samurai culture.

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