Ice cream with Locust①

I studied history at university for 4 years, and now I have stress because many Japanese YouTubers only teach a part of Japanese culture. As I want to show you more of this culture, today I am in Suwa (Nagano province) to show you a very interesting culture; that of eating bugs. I want to share a little adventure.

12:30 I have arrived at Suwa station

I arrived at Suwa station with a train called “Azusa” at 12:30. With the motivation of being able to see the different cultures of Tokyo, I immediately found something very interesting.

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As there is an Onsen for the feet at the station, you can warm them up while you wait for the train. It is a very good idea! 
Nagano’s winter is very severe, so waiting for the trains there is very relaxed. I also went in, and I was able to get rid of the leg pain. How wonderful!

When I left the station, there was no one in town. Normally there are many tourists to see Lake Suwa, where there is a legend in which a goddess crosses the frozen lake to see her boyfriend, but today there was no one due to the effects of Covid-19. But I kept walking as I had no intention of going home until I tasted those critters.

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13:30 I have reached the lake

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I got to Lake Suwa, and heard that they were selling “Grasshopper Ice Cream” at an ice cream parlor near the boat stop. So I went directly there. When I read the sign for that store, I didn’t see anywhere that there was “Ice Cream with Grasshoppers.” What happened? I’ve come here to eat that ice cream, and I can’t leave Tokyo without eating bugs.

“Excuse me! No grasshopper ice cream?” I asked the clerk. Then he replied, “Eh yeah, where are you from? You don’t have the accent from here … Eh !? Tokyo ?? Don’t you have Covid?” It gave me the feeling that he could not understand that a Tokyolan came to eat bugs.

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By paying 400 yen (About 3.2euros), he gave me an ice cream in which he had 8 grasshoppers have been buried. hmm … It looked like an insect graveyard. I have hesitated to eat it.

But after 3 minutes I got the grasshoppers …

“IT’S VERY GOOD !!!”, I thought as I savored it.

The grasshoppers have really been sooo good. Like small prawn fritters. I ate 4 grasshoppers straight away and when I finished them all, I saw the bugs as food.

But, after 10 minutes … I started feeling an itch. Dammit! My body reacted because I have a crustacean allergy.

* Crustaceans are very similar to bugs. If you have that allergy, don’t eat bugs. I have eaten because I could not stand my urge to eat them even though I was on a bench for 30 minutes to recover a bit. Exactly, I’m crazy.

In the end I have decided to go to an onsen to relax. Tomorrow I will talk about the little adventure since when I have been to the Onsen.

Grasshopper ice cream parlor

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