Are your children bad? Then send them to this school: The horrible school «Nissei Gakuen»

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In our life there is harshness as we feel that dying is easier than living, and Nissei Gakuen gave us this experience 35 years ago. Many people called it “It’s like the army more than the Japanese army”, “It’s the hell of this world”, and mothers threatened their children like this “If you do bad things, I send you to Nissei Gakuen!” Well, today we are going to study this crazy school.

It is the army more than the Japanese army

I cannot explain about this school with only my words, so today I prepared a video for you. Take a look on it please.

The students woke up at 4 in the morning, when the student’s boss yelled at other students, they had to yell while saying “Good morning Sir!”

After the greeting, the students went to clean the dormitory. And clearly they kept yelling.

But the Japanese soldiers wake up at 6, so the students of this school lived harder than the soldiers.

Also when they cleaned their bedroom, they used the cloth.

But they cleaned the toilets with their hands.

They are the ways of education like Sparta by Nissei Gakuen. They learn “The soul of the Nissei Gakuen students.” It doesn’t seem like a 35-year-old theory. In my opinion it is closer to the time before WWII.

After cleaning, they would go to school from the dormitory, but …

They marched with the flags of the school.

日生学園第二高等学校 - YouTube

In the student dictionary there was no word for “Walk” but only “Run” or “Stop.” They studied solidarity while marching.

If they came to school, they couldn’t speak liberally. Silence is gold.

Life in this school was not just that, because after class, they had to live in the dormitory where there is violence and society like the army.

Life in the dormitory, or hell.

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Normal people imagine about life in the dormitory like this photo, but that means they don’t know life in Nissei Gakuen. It was like this.

日生学園 世の光と生きよ 前編 - YouTube

In Nissei Gakuen’s dormitory, a “Violence” law dominated the students. In this society the freshmen were the critters, the sophomores were the humans, and the third graders were Gods. The second years beat the first-year students for no reason, but the second-years suffered violence from the third-years, at the end the third-years were afraid of the violence of the teachers.

It’s a worse society than Kim Jong-un’s

Do you want to run away from school yet? Good,

Teachers chased deserters.

photo of people running on sidewalk
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The fate of the deserters

Living in this school is already being in hell, but if you run away from school, there is more harshness of being in hell. Teachers absolutely do not allow dropouts. To start the school was up on a mountain and the guards watched over the students. That is why giving a bribe to the dorm manager was necessary.

Well, they gave them some candy.

woman in black tank top holding plate with candies
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If they could get out of school, there was next problem. Citizens near the school called the school if they saw if the students were fleeing.

プリズン・ブレイク - 海外ドラマ 映画.com

I’m not talking about the “Prison Break” .

It was Nissei Gakuen.

The end of hell

The story of this crazy school suddenly ended in 1985. A magazine wrote an article that teachers used violence a lot to students and they died very strangely or by suicide.

The Japanese government was very surprised to find out about this reality and the school principal was called to the national parliament. Also a little after going to parliament, the headmaster like Hitler died, and the school could be like a normal one.

What surprised me a lot is the immorality of this time. The Japanese did not have the regulations as now and they did as they wanted. But it was the golden age. So I thought there is light and shadow in our story too. Perhaps Nissei Gakuen was a shadow of this time.

Compared to life in this school, we are very happy.

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