10/19-23/10: Recommended articles!

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Good afternoon sirs! I recommend my articles on Fridays and explain more those I wrote. So first recommendation is this!

35 years ago there was a crazy highschool like the army

Some people asked me if this school was a joke or not. But…


People who went to World War II raised their children, so it was not uncommon for some people to have thought that military education was good for changing the character of rude kids.

By the way, many people were surprised that the students cleaned the toilets with their hands, but according to one person some other schools ordered it to the students. Japan’s 80 ′ era scared me.

The Very disturbing (and Kawaii) mascot; Katue

People were amazed at this official Tottori castle’s mascot. It is already forbidden to use but some people made a movie.

The story is what Katue is going to stop a girl who is going to commit suicide, and she begins to tell her life …

It doesn’t really look like a Kawaii mascot.

This weekend I went to a town where only 30,000 people live to see an Argentine who lives there.

Honestly, if you are an expert in Japan, you should go there because 400 years ago the Spanish came there to get the silver. Perhaps for Spanish speakers it is very curious.

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