International elites don’t want to live in Japan.

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I always write that normal Westerners cannot easily live in Japan because of the very large cultural difference. I think this way because I saw many people who returned to their country, and some documents say the same thing.

Today I logically explain why normal Westerners cannot easily live in Japan with an HSBC document.

International elites don’t want to live in Japan

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A very famous British bank HSBC makes a classification in which country it is more comfortable to live for the managers of the companies who have to live in another country for their work. This ranking analyses 33 countries from the point of view of living in this country for a few years, and looks for example at whether people can have friends, and whether the society is stable or not.

According to this classification Japan’s position is 32 in 33 countries. This country is safe and I don’t feel that it is so bad. So why do foreigners think that they don’t want to live in Japan? Let’s read this document further.

Expat Explorer Survey – Compare : HSBC Expat

If you read this document, you will know that Japan has some good points and many worse points for foreigners living in Japan.

The good points

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  • Political stability 6◦ post
  • The quality of life 13◦ post
  • Economic stability 13◦ post

These are the points in Japan that are higher than the average in the countries. So this country is very safe and comfortable to live in. This is very true and foreigners who came from the dangerous country say that safety is more important than being able to earn money and live in Japan.

You can take a nap in a park


There are many cheap stores that provide a high level of service.

So now let’s look at the bad points about Japan.

The bad points

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  • The tranquility 32◦ put
  • The ease of having a friend 32◦ put
  • Education 32◦ post
  • Salary 33◦ position
  • The balance between work and private 33◦

To begin with, foreign managers have to live in Tokyo, but here people are not so calm. People are always working and thinking about their things, and there aren’t many greens like Europe.

It would be a tired city. 

As it goes on, the salary of the manager class is not as high as San Francisco in comparison to the prices in the city. For example, very smart programmers can earn 200,000 dollars a year in the United States, but here people can only earn about 70,000 dollars, so if they want to come here to make money, it’s not a good idea.

Also, in the sense of the value of Japanese workers, people who work hard for little pay are a symbol of good workers. That’s why there’s more work every day than in other countries, even though it’s getting better than 30 years ago.

There is not much reason to go to Japan, if you are a manager.

So now let’s think about whether you can easily have friends or not;

Then the answer is NO.

Many Japanese people do not want to have friends by changing their sense of value. Besides, they don’t say this opinion to you. I understand that I am saying a cruel reality, but I feel that saying reality is better than smiling like other Japanese. By the way, the difficulty of having a friend from Japan is almost the same as that of Saudi Arabia. We care about our sense of worth as much as they care about the culture of Islam.

If you love the Japanese sense of value and want to be Japanese, you can have some Japanese friends, I actually have some foreign friends, but if not, you will be alone in a big city, or you will always be with your friends from your country.

Do international managers live in Japan?

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I mean sincerely,

Japan is the most comfortable country for the Japanese.

and it’s the comfortable situation for the Japanese, that’s not comfortable for the international elite workers, because the people don’t speak English, the locals don’t want to change their way of thinking for the new people. and their traditional culture is very different from the Western sense of value. so why can this country survive with the new people from the other country?

This is Far East Asia.

The similar system exists in Korea and China, China makes its country for the Chinese and Korea makes its country for the Koreans. In Asia there is not much idea of international aid, but competition to sit in the chair of the king of the world. That is why all Asian countries think that their culture is good and do not want to change easily for foreigners who have another culture. If you see the acts of China you can understand what I mean. It is the far eastern rule, now China will have the power to influence other countries.

But Japan is no different from the Chinese idea in this respect. Japan does not influence our rule to other countries, but Japanese society is very vigilant about people who do not follow Japan’s rules in the country. So to live with individualism, it is not suitable here and I recommend going to Western countries like Canada.

It all depends on your decision, but if you understand it and still want to live here, you have a talent for living in Japan.

So I ask you one thing.

Do you want to live in Japan?

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