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The Dark Tourism: The city broken by Covid

Because of Covid’s historical epidemic the world’s business is breaking down, and Japanese society follows the world’s movement. Compared to the countries in South America where the riots are taking place, the situation in Japan is much better, but every day the wound in the Japanese market will be deeper. So today I went out to the richest area in Tokyo to learn about the reality of the economy.

The area of death

Akasaka was originally a very rich area where politicians used to negotiate politics, and until a year ago foreign tourists used it for a zone where there were comfortable and useful hotels. In fact it is located in the center of Tokyo, and you can use 3 stops of the subway, in addition there were many bars or restaurants. It was a very suitable area for tourists. However, after the epidemic no one came to Akasaka for 2 months, and the 100 bars and restaurants went bankrupt.

But even this story is what many Japanese people know thanks to the newspapers. That’s why today I show you the reality with the photos.

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To begin with, the businesses that went bankrupt were the hotels.

The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 were suddenly postponed, and managers regretted investing enough money to build hotels. In fact almost everyone wanted to do business for the Olympics and invested, so now they are dying in a recessionary catastrophe.

However, the hotels that were working before the news of the Olympic Games broke down because of their old installations. It is very ironic, because the presidents who were in the hotel business for a long time lost their business, because they lost the fight against the hotels that were built 2 or 3 years ago by the investors to win only for the Olympic games.

This is the elevator connected to a hotel, it was used by a Love Hotel, but this time it bankrupted and now its elevator is broken too. That means the owner of the building doesn’t have enough money to fix it. We can easily notice the influence of the recession. Also, a notice said, “The camera works for 24 hours,” and I understand that it is not as safe as it used to be.

The area seems popular, but the upstairs is deserted.

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On the first floor it looks lively…but

When we walk down the street we don’t notice that the stores are banckrupted a lot but if I see the third or fourth floor, it’s the empty ones. Originally it was the stores, bars and offices, but by covid a lot of company started doing Telework, and they don’t come to Akasaka. So the workers don’t use the restaurants and the speed of breaking down will be fast.

But some stores on the first floor went bankrupt.

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It used to be a caffe.

Actually some stores on the first floor are bankrupted. Usually they were the chain stores.

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It was the liquor store, but the bars went bankrupt, so it couldn’t continue his business.
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It used to be a Ramen restaurant but it broke down, and this building includes asbestos.

Some people are going to rebuild the buildings during this time.

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To rent a floor of the 50-year-old building costs $13,200. It is normal that the owners cannot pay the rent.

After the epidemic, how will this area change?

From today’s research, I noticed that more than 100 stores went out of business. almost all of them are stores for tourists, but in this environment some restaurants opened new stores…

They are the restaurants of Ramen.

Maybe before Ramen restaurants could not rent the Akasaka land because Ramen restaurants cannot earn much compared to other restaurants.

Is it possible to move to Japan now?

You understand the current environment of the Japanese economy.

It’s not the situation that foreigners who can have permanent jobs.


There are no jobs for the Japanese.

That’s why I don’t recommend running away to Japan, although it’s relatively safe here. To begin to pass the immigration without visa for tourist it is impossible. After April 2021 it will start to welcome tourists but the work visa is another story.

According to this immigration information it seems that you can get a student visa if you do an exchange to a university or Japanese language school. But to work in Japan, Japanese companies have to request the visa from immigration. But currently companies are firing workers but I don’t hear much about how much they employ. Therefore this possibility is also very insecure.

Finally, I thought about being a refugee in Japan, which is almost impossible because the Japanese government does not allow you to be a refugee, and the application rate is only 0.2%. You should buy a Loto.

In short, you should not come to Japan now, you would be less unhappy if you came here after 3 to 5 years of studying Japanese in your own country. If you come to this country without thinking, you will be almost unhappy.

It’s hard to live in a hectic world, but I wish you all the best.

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