Waseda University, Keio’s rival

I already explained about Keio University where it is like the court of the 21st century Japanese nobles, in fact the students of this university are from Tokyo and the children of rich people, but there is a university as a rival to Keio and its character is opposite, today I want to present about Waseda University.

Waseda University is a university where it is in Tokyo, it is private like Keio but the image of the university is very different, if I explain simply about the images of this university, they are individualist.

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Tutumi Yasujiro, a millionaire who bought a lot of land in Japan, had a talent for the business, but he had 50-60 wives and over 100 children. He is a typical Waseda student.

In terms of individualism, the students at Tokyo University are also individualists, but in terms of power, they are totally different. The university of Tokyo is national and the honor of the students are the members of the most intelligent university in all the Japanese universities, that’s why they think that it’s the virtue that they use their talent for their Japanese homeland because they received a lot of good education thanks to their families and the country, it’s their philosophy. But the students at Waseda University don’t think that way, their philosophy is anti-power, that’s why they want to work for the journalists or the bankers.

The reason that the students have these characters is that most of the students are from small towns, they dislike the elites of Tokyo, and their honor is what they entered in Wasada even though they are from the normal family, that’s why they want to be open to everyone, therefore they like folklore. On Fridays they drink alcohol until they vomit and dance a lot shouting something.

It is a party to invite new students to Bukatu
The Communists in Waseda University(1969)

So far I treat a good part of this university but its anti-power character caused some social problems, for example from 1970 to 1980 radical students wanted to revolutionize to found a communist country in Japan with violence.

Waseda University is very interesting. They are not idiots but chaotic, if you don’t like the elitism of Keio University, Waseda is better for you.

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