Why do Japanese students not study so much?

Japanese university students don’t study much, this is true because I was a university student too, but that attitude seems very strange for foreigners, and they cannot understand why their parents pay money for their lazy children. Today I explain why we went through 4 years like this.

According to a Japanese government report, they usually study for only 30 minutes a day, so I can say that they don’t study anything with confidence. So, what do they usually do in their free time, they do three things, part-time work, Circle and going out with their friends.

Part-time work is a stereotype of college student life, most people are the bartender at the bar, the private teacher for high school students or the clothing store clerk. The motivation to work there is two, first is to earn money and second is to meet a good boy or girl.

At the same time some interesting boys use their free time to do something unique, for example a Youtuber “Wakkyai” is a student of university in Kyoto, and he invented a new sport called “Kyappu Nage”. It’s a kind of baseball using a plastic bottle cap, and now he’s spreading that new sport to other students.

There is another type of student who works in some companies to have good experience, the Japanese companies prepare a system that they can work while they study in the university, he calls it “Internship”, they can work in the good companies because of their experience.

Next I will explain about Circle, it is a hobby club of university students to do sports, camping or parties. Most of Circle is very healthy and many people meet their friends of life or future wives or husbands, but there are some very dangerous Circles. First is “Nomisa”, it is a group to drink alcohol until you pass out. Sometimes that kind of Circles causes a big problem, for example 6 years ago the students of Meiji University had a party with the girls from other female universities and 30 girls fainted on the street of Shinjuku because some boys forced them to drink a lot of 90% Vodka. That kind of club is very dangerous and we call it “Yarisa” because the boys tried to rape the girls.より

By the way, why can they have jobs without studying well, is that Japanese companies employ Japanese kids who do nothing and raise them well. We will study the system of Japanese companies.

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