Japanese companies do not look at your ability when they are going to employ you

Japanese students don’t study much because they don’t have to have special skills for their future work. So how can Japanese people have jobs? Today we are studying about a special system of employment.

European students study a lot at their universities because they have to know the professional knowledge to have a good job, and companies want to employ young people who can work as people who already work for a long time, so young people who graduate from their universities can’t have good jobs from the beginning. In reality, it is normal that young people change their jobs and will be important in society. But Japanese society works completely different.

Japanese companies do interviews for third-year university students to make them work from the time they graduate from their universities, and they go to brainwash teaching the ideologies of companies. The advantages of these ways are threefold,

  • Companies can teach their ideologies, and the new workers are not in any doubt because they do not know about other companies. Then they will be like loyal soldiers.
  • Companies can decide on the jobs of young people (In Japan you can’t choose the kind of work in companies. You may be the salesman or the office worker)
  • Companies do not pay much salary to the workers because the employees have a debt of gratitude to teach them many things to live in the adult society.

As such, companies want students to be “warriors” who will do whatever job they are ordered to do. And the criteria to distinguish between good soldiers and bad soldiers is what the students could enter in good university or not ,because the entrance exams of good universities are very difficult. That’s why they don’t study anything after the exams. Being able to pass a difficult exam can mean two things. First, it means you can put in dozens of hours of effort. And it means that you can absolutely remember what you have to remember. This is a very good indicator for being a “corporate warrior”

The system of this society is very particular in the world, that’s why Europeans can’t adapt easily, for example if you study law, you might not be able to use the knowledge you studied at your university for 4 years. You have to be a soldier.You are a warrior, not a lawyer. If you pass the national exam for lawyers, you too can work with your knowledge of the law.

At the same time, companies used to employ you until you became a pensioner, so nobody complains much about low wages, but little by little this system is going to break down recently. We will study it in the next article.

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