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【A】Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; the institute is very academic but not good for getting a job.

In Tokyo there are three universities that are good for learning international languages and cultures; they are the International Christian University, Sophia University and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

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The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies is a national university located in the periphery of Tokyo and its history began in the time of Edo, 150 years ago the Samurai government understood that its technology was very old in comparison with European countries, since it founded an institute to investigate it, in that motivation the Samurai had to study the foreign languages, for that reason there was a school to teach the foreign languages, is the origin of the university. Since the time of Meiji, the time that began to build the modern country, he taught particularly some languages of the very strong countries; English, French, German, Russian and Chinese, but now he teaches many languages, their culture and their religion.

洋書調所を開成所に改称。 | 1863-10-11 | Time-AZ

Because of this history, the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies has a very academic atmosphere, in reality, the exam of the national university is more difficult than that of the private universities (there are some exceptions), the students there are relatively very studious and serious, there is an image that the students are sober in Tokyo. However, I cannot recommend it for working in Japan because it does not have the strong band of graduates in the economic world.

The reasons that this university does not have the connection to the economic sector are 3. Firstly, the university has only two faculties to learn the languages and cultures of foreign countries, so the graduates usually want to become interpreters or translators after their studies, so there are not many business men, secondly, 70% of the students are women, and sadly it is a disadvantage to have the jobs in Japan where it is very sexist (the position is 121 in 151 countries, there is not that level of country in English-speaking countries) because women cannot be the powerful ones in the economic sector, third the number of students, the figure of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies is half that of Sophia University and one sixth of Keio or Waseda University, and that reality works because of the lack of powerful graduates. In the end the stereotype of the students of this university is studious but they are not the leaders.

The official TUFS video, there are many women
From the point of view of getting a job it’s not good, but the education of this university is very good, for example when I was studying Turkish in my university, the text was the one of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, besides I feel that there are no languages that we can’t study there because there was also a class of Basque. The students who should exchange are the people who want to learn Japanese language and Japanese culture academically, if you want to go to Japan to work the universities of Keio, Waseda and Sophia are better.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

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