Women can’t live well in Japan⁉: The reality of the country is masculine society (121st place in 153 countries)

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Until 20 years ago Japan was very innovative country that invented many good products. Now this image has become a little bit bad, but it still seems to be the developed country. That’s why I don’t hear much criticism from foreigners about Japan. However, this is the superficial part of this country. Honestly, to me Japan looks like a country that wears clothes called “Westernization”, but its body is very Asian. If you think that the Western idea works, one day you’ll pay the price one day.

When I talk about this topic, there is a very critical issue for foreigners to live in Japan. It is Japanese gender equality. Many women don’t know about it, but here it’s a masculine society. As a Japanese man, I think this situation should change, but it can’t change in a few days. That’s why today I’m going to explain the current situation. Decide whether you want to live here or not.

121st place in the ranking of equality between men and women

Global Gender Gap Report 2020

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, Japan ranks 121st out of 153 countries in terms of feminism. By the way, the UAE ranks 120th. Now you can understand that here it is the very eastern country, so why did the result go so badly? Before we criticize, let’s analyze the reasons.

Global Gender Gap Report 2020 p.201より

This classification was classified with 4 points; they are “Education”, “Economy”, “Politics” and “Health”. Each country has the characteristics of these four items. OK, let’s analyze my country, Japan.


In 2006 the first place → In 2020 the 40th place

  • Fifteen years ago, health equity between men and women was number one in the world. But now it’s down to 40. However, in 2006 Japan had 0.980 points, and now has 0.979 points. That’s why the evaluation didn’t get that much worse.
  • Then other countries would have improved more than Japan, so the situation in Japan seems to have gotten worse, but in reality it has not changed.


In 2006 the 60th place → In 2020 the 91st place

  • Also the situation of education is not bad because it has very high points (0.983). For many years Japanese women could go to university to study something.


In 2006 the 83th place → In 2020 the 115th place

  • It has done better but the points are still very low (It has been converted from 0.545 to 0.598) .
  • If the economic equality is so low, there is a possibility that you will not be able to live without a husband in this country. But to improve this situation there are many complex barriers and we cannot decide what is the biggest problem. I want to explain more in another article.


In 2006 the 83th place → In 2020 the 144th place Very bad!

  • Political equality is almost worse. The proportion of policies in all countries is 24.3%, but in Japan it is only 10.2% (At 衆議院)you should read this article.
  • Japan cannot easily change this situation because the conservatives are almost older in this world. To begin with in 3 years the majority of the Japanese population will be over 50, and young people do not vote. So there is no hope that the innovative people can be the politicians. It is the country that refused to make progress. Recently the government changed the immigration policy, but most people do not have the right to vote. So politicians will have no reason to work for young Japanese and immigrants. The situation is very difficult.

Welcome to Japanistan

Sincerely Japan has a lot of problems according to feminism. And it seems that there is not much hope to change the situation.

But now the Japanese government is going to change it because of the lack of labor. Prime Minister Abe wanted women to have worked to fill the labor shortage, but he introduced neoliberalism in the very masculine society where had a lot of inequality between men and women, so now the inequality is expanding more than before. Some women were successful and wanted to be more free, and other traditional women were very indignant about losing the importance of being “the mother”. Now Japan is lost in deciding the direction of the future.

Is this a tragedy or a comedy? If it were a comedy, I couldn’t laugh at all.

In the following article I will explain the history of feminism in Japan. If you understand this CHAOS, I am very relaxed. Because explaining about this topic is very controversial and I tried to write in the neutral position.

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