Encyclopedia of Japanese universities

【A】The international Christian university; a Japanese university like American university

I recently explained 3 universities in Tokyo where you can study international relations: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Sophia University and International Christian University. After World War II, this university was built on the airfield of a company that made “Zero” of fighter at that time on the requisitioned site. That’s why the school building is so big that it makes you feel as if you were educated in the United States. American education is not limited to school buildings. The educational program is also very American. Students have a complete education in English and learn mainly about liberal arts that originate in the United States. A characteristic of this university is that it educates students to global human resources.

At this university, students are also influenced by the ideas of the school. Many of the students are people who were educated in international schools and there are many young people who are familiar with Western values. Therefore, even if you enter the ICU as an international student, you will be able to integrate without stress. In addition, the school has the educational system of American universities, so they have regular school parties and preparations are made to integrate you into the school community. You can feel the liberal atmosphere no matter if you are European or Latino.

The post-graduation course is also characteristic of international Christian university students. Many want to work for a global company like IBM or Rakuten (a Japanese IT company), etc. Knowing such global talent should be a great experience for your studies in Japan.

So, are there any problems with this university and the university students? There are two problems. The first one is the presence of the imbued Westerners, it’s a type of the Japanese who loves the idea of Western countries (United States / France / Germany) etc, and believe that it’s better than the traditional Japanese cultures. that’s why they imitate Western acts unconditionally. It is a syndrome that often occurs to Japanese people who are studying foreign cultures. In the careers that teach international relations there are many such students. In fact, there were many at Sophia University where I studied. In my opinion, studying other cultures and combining them with Japanese ideas to do new things is a correct act, but they study them to feel that they are superior to normal Japanese people. I think if you think the Japanese are like them, you can’t understand well about Japan.

the youtubers of the students of this university

the youtubers of the students of this university
The second problem is that your environment in Japan may be very American. If you live in Japan forever, it would be good to have friends who are familiar with your culture and you can relax, but what you study at a Japanese university like the United States is not a good idea to study about Japan if you study only 1 year. If you can leave your country, you should feel many different cultures and have the bitter experiences, then in the end you will be able to improve more when you were in your country.

In conclusion, the people I recommend to study at this university are those who don’t like oriental culture very much or are tired of living in different cultures. This university is a good university and you can educate yourself in English so that you can make Japanese friends who can speak English. But that is not true for understanding Japan. There is the possibility of generalizing the people of this university by Japanese people. Therefore, if you want to think seriously about what Japanese culture is or what Japanese people are, you should go to a university like Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

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