The Onigiri with 10,000 yen, how do people bribe in Japan?

I don’t know why foreigners think we are so good. Clearly we do bad things, but it’s very indirect.

In fact today the ruling party has excluded former Minister of Justice and his wife who is also a politician of the party because of the doubt of corruption they paid almost 200,000 euros to win in the election. (This artcle was written 3 months ago, they were already arrested.)

Hopefully the police will arrest them.

So today I teach you a traditional way to bribe in elections called “dies mil yen Onigiri”


Onigiri is a simple meal made of rice, we eat it as a snack, and we can buy it for 1 euro in the supermarket.

Well, politicians cook Onigiri in which they put 100 euros to give to the bosses or the mayors. When they eat it, the taste of bribery spreads in their mouths.

No one makes any statements about that, but corruption is very important for winning elections. For example, the mayors of small towns are originally from feudal families, and they can influence the people who live there.

Since this group follows the chief obediently, it is called “Hyoden,” which means “the voting field.

We really like acts related to rice.

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