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“Shinjuku”: The capital of Yakuza or the chaotic city

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Are you in Tokyo but don’t know where you should go for a drink? Are there only tourists in the bar that you go to frequently? If you are in a foreign country, you can’t have as much fun as when you are in your country because of the lack of information. Today I made a map for people who want to have fun with their nightlife, if you read this article you can walk in Shinjuku like Tokyo!

The most chaotic city “Shinjuku”

The largest city in Tokyo is Shinjuku. So I would like to introduce you to this city first. But I don’t know what makes this city so special. There are so many people, so many stores, so many events in Shinjuku that it is impossible for me to understand the characteristics of this city because it is so chaotic. In other words, this chaos can be the characteristic of Shinjuku.

I want to talk about something symbolic. Can you imagine how many people use Shinjuku station every day?

They are 3.5 million people.

So let’s learn together about a little bit of a dangerous area. From here, I’m going to share some knowledge that only the Tokyo people knows.

Kabukicho, the most dangerous district in Japan

Kabukicho is one of the districts of Shinjuku. It’s a collection of all the bad things about Tokyo: prostitution, drugs, illegal gambling, yakuza, and the Chinese mafia, whatever, is there. In fact, when I was a kid, people used to die falling down the stairs. Of course this was done by being drugged to death with sleeping pills.

Today the neighborhood has become a tourist town with a great cinema, so it’s not a problem to go near the building where Godzilla is.

But I would not recommend going further back in this building. There are many prostitutes and hotels, and amphetamine addicts often pass through there. There are no places to visit and no reason to go there. Even after all of this, some people still think that Japan is a safe country and that it is okay to go there. Well, take a look at this video.

This is the June 2020 attack that occurred. A “scout group” (an agency that organizes prostitution work for women on the street) was attacked by over 100 yakuza. Japan is a very safe country, but this is a different world. Please be careful.

Honestly, the Japanese might think you are a dangerous foreigner if they hear that you are often in Kabukicho. Because there is no reason to go there, other than drinking a lot of cheap alcohol or buying a prostitute in a perverted store.

Shinjuku Ni-Chome

Shinjuku is a city with a dangerous side. However, it is also the most minority-friendly city in Japan because of the large number of people who gather there. For example, there is a district of Chinese and Korean immigrants north of Shinjuku, and next to it is an Arab neighborhood called “Islamic Yokocho.

If you want to drink safely and go to an area with a special atmosphere, Shinjuku Ni-Chome is the place to go. It is home to the largest LGBT community in Japan.

However, the district is safe, but with manners. Gentlemen, please follow the rules and have fun. First, understand that there are three types of bars in this district.

The bar in Shinjuku Ni-chome

Kanko Bar

This bar is for straight customers and LGBT bartenders to talk to each other. Straight people are welcome as customers, and Japanese women often go there to hang out.

Mix Bar

Mix Bar is a bar that allows heterosexuals and LGBT people to enter. It is often a normal bar, unlike Kanko Bar. The tourist bar and this Mix Bar are the only bars that straight people can go to.


You have to be an LGBT person to enter this bar. Straight people shouldn’t go there as it is a place for people looking for friends and lovers in Japan where there is a lot of LGBT discrimination. It’s important to respect all people, right?

The way to distinguish between these three types of bars is the Internet. If you Google “Shinjuku 2-chome Bar” you can find several bars, so check what kind of bar you are looking for before going there. I don’t go to the area, but recently I heard the news that straight women have been flocking to the area looking for boyfriends and LGBT people are angry. Again, it is important to be respectful.

How do you distinguish between hazardous areas?

As you can see, Shinjuku has some interesting neighborhoods, but it also has some dangerous neighborhoods, like Kabukicho. As the person from Tokyo, I would like to share with you some of the characteristics of these dangerous areas.

Level 1: There is Don Quijote

The Spanish feel shock, “Don Quixote” is not a novel by Cervantes in Japan, but a discount store where young bad guys love. If you find this, there are areas near the store that are not good.

キャラクター紹介|ドンペンとドンコ ドンキの公式キャラクター|驚安の殿堂 ドン・キホーテ
By the way, Don Quijote’s mascot is a penguin.

Level 2: There are many OB/GYN and urology clinics

Do you have many clinics? That’s a very typical sign. Because clients and employees of the prostitution district take advantage of it. You’re probably next to the dangerous neighborhood.

Level 3: There is “Muryo Annaijo”

エロ】女一人で、新橋の無料案内所に入っちゃった話。 | 走内さんは考える

Are you in front of this store? That means you are in a prostitution district. This store is the place where you can find the best prostitutes for you. Leave the store immediately.

Shinjuku for me

Of course, there is also a normal neighborhood in Shinjuku.

新宿をスマートに楽しむために!目的別・新宿駅出口ガイド | MATCHA - 訪日外国人観光客向けWebマガジン

And this is just a business district.

There is also a luxury department store called Isetan.

Shinjuku is a city with all kinds of people. In my opinion, I don’t go to Shinjuku much. The city is too big for me to feel comfortable. But it’s a very big city and you should definitely go there at least once. If you’ve read this article you can have fun there!

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