Japanese history

Japanese emperors didn’t have absolute power

Who were the bad dictators in World War II, many foreigners think that the Showa emperor was a dictator and decided to start that terrible war, but in reality he was a puppet of the imperial army, and could not decide anything. Besides, the history of the emperors was the history of the puppets. Today we are going to study the real history of the emperors.

When the emperors lost power

Many foreigners imagine that the emperor had a lot of power from long ago because Japanese soldiers died with a phrase “Long live the emperor”, but it was typical TATEMAE(the lies that all Japanese know to be lies). He didn’t really have any concrete power, but then why did the Japanese treat him as a god?

Actually the real rulers in Japanese history were the Samurai and the Japanese soldiers. They had the violence to shut the mouths of the Japanese people but they did not have the official authority, so they noticed a very useful existence, as they manipulated the emperors and told the people that they were very holy.

This custom already started at the time of Kamakura(1185-1333), Minamoto Yoritomo fought with the “Heishi” clan and had great power to rule Japan. His lordship was Kamakura and Kanto, the region where Tokyo is located, so he ruled it as his home. But like Kyoto, in the traditional capital region people did not want to be the vassal of an upstart, so the Minamoto clan tried to be the general of the emperor and said “Gentlemen, I am the first general of his majesty. My word is your word.” ,the imperial nobles were silent because of that act. All the powerful samurai used the same tactic to rule Japan, that’s why the emperors were holy and powerless people.

The emperor of Gotutimikado, the poor man who did the complementary works.

For the samurai, Japan changed to a country where violence ruled, the samurai always fought to steal from the lordships of other samurai, since the geniuses also punished their traitors with their troops. Nobody could stop the chains of violence anymore. In those days the emperor of Gotutimikado was too poor.

First he fled from his palace because the samurai plundered every day in Kyoto. And he lived in the houses of the nobility, but he couldn’t earn money because nobody was interested, in reality many Japanese people forgot what the emperor was, because he made a school to teach the spelling to the children of the samurai and he named the children of the samurai that he didn’t have culture but he had money. He always said that he wanted to leave depressed and it was like being depressed. Alas… poor emperor.

Actually the saddest victims in Japanese history were the emperors.

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