The Pocahontas Joshi: Japanese women like Weeaboo

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in April 2020, a Japanese word was popular on Japanese Twitter.

This is “Pocahontas Joshi” meaning women like Pocahontas.

This word means very similar to Weeaboo, that’s why I wanted to treat her in my blog one day. So we’re going to study about Japanese women who want to be Americans.

What is Pocahontas Joshi?

Pocahontas Joshi is a Japanese slang for criticizing women who want to be Westerners, particularly Americans, Canadians and Australians. The type of these women want to wear makeup like Disney’s Pocahontas and have long black hair that’s why Twitter users started calling them “Pocahontas Joshi”. Normally this fashion is not popular in Asia, so we feel that Pocahontas Joshi wants to be popular with Western men.

However, if they just want to be popular with Western men, we don’t criticize anything but their taste. But now Twitter users are criticizing them a lot. Why has it been like this now? Because I had a problem with their way of saying.

Above there is a Twitter post, it is a typical phrase of “Pocahontas Joshi” and she has said that foreign countries are very open so they are going to legalize the drug as marijuana, but Japan is delaying this policy. It is a very superficial opinion and we should debate and think a lot about the legalization of the drug. But they feel that it makes sense because the US is doing it. That’s why I can’t agree with this person’s opinion.

Yes, they praise all things in Western countries and criticize those in Japan.

The video that explains one of the stereotype.

Criticizing their country is a very important act to improve our Japan, but in their cases they praise things from other Western countries without thinking much and feel that Japanese cultures are meaningless. It is very sad and it is a wrong act to improve something. We should criticize with logic. So now we are going to think why they are going to think this way.

It’s because the Japanese have an inferiority complex against Western countries.

The inferiority complex against western countries

Modern Japanese history is a mass of worship and inferiority complex against Western countries. Until the 19th century, Japan refused to trade with countries other than China, Korea and the Netherlands. However, the United States entered the Japanese Sea with some warships and threatened us to start trading with the United States. From the first scene of our modern history we had felt the defeat and we wanted to be strong like the Western countries, so we went to break the traditional Japanese culture and became more Western. In this process we went to think like this: “Japanese culture is old and bad, and Western culture is new and good. You can’t really give up this way of thinking after being a developed country. It makes me sad as a Japanese, in my opinion we should see both sides equally to improve this country.

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If you understand this story you can understand why they act this way. So they are going to be proud to be western because western things are the symbols of modern things, and they are going to criticize other Japanese who don’t know western culture like old-fashioned people.

In their sentences they include the intentions of this pride, so we are going to criticize them. Besides, their idea is not so logical. For example, when I was in my university, I met a Japanese woman who said, “America is going to study other cultures and it is very open, so it’s best in the world. On the contrary, Japan is a very closed country and it’s so bad.”

So I asked her if she was studying Arab or Mexican cultures, so she said that there is nothing she should study from these cultures. As a Japanese man who studied Spanish and I am going to celebrate Ifter (I am not a Moslem, but I respect it) I was very sad by her hypocrisy. The contradiction of their opinions is also a reason for us to criticize them.

So now let’s go back to the first topic of this article. In April 2020 a person from “Pocahontas Joshi” provoked a controversial act.

He caught the disease from Covid and returned to Japan

In April 2020, a Japanese woman who became infected with COVID returned to Japan from New York. She was an influential person who praised life in New York, and said how Japanese life is meaningless. To enter Japan she took a strong pill and did a live instagram on the plane without a mask. Then the Twitter users got angry because this person who always took pride in living in New York, and denied life in Japan returned to Japan when the problem occurred there. She suddenly changed his attitude, we didn’t feel good.

There is no perfect country

As this person should learn that there is no perfect country in this world. A country always has a good part and a bad part, and we have to receive both to live on this earth. If you only praise it, one day you will be disappointed and you will hate it.
In Japan someone said that love means that you can love its bad part too. If you want to live in Japan you should accept both parts, then one day you can be like a local person.

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