The way to charge the battery in Japan

You know, now I worry a lot about my smartphone.

The battery will run out quickly.

Listening to the Youtube video, the battery is already 70% when I get to the office. But I can speak Japanese so I can borrow the portable battery from my co-worker. But if I were a foreign tourist, it would be like that.

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I can’t use Google Map!

I can’t use Google Translate!

I can’t go back to the hotel ahhhh!!!!

In 2020 humans are like Cyborgs, and the smartphone is our second brain. So no battery means no half of the brain. If I have a smartphone I can talk to foreigners with Google Translate but if you lose it you are like a baby in a foreign country. I’m going to declare one thing.

In the other country the next important things of the passport are the battery and the smartphone.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you some ways to charge the battery like a Japanese. Hey, do you have only 8% already? Read below, please!

“Konbini’s “Eat in space

晴海のコンビニには電源コンセント&イートインスペースがある!豊洲は? | とよすと より引用

In Japanese Konbini there is a place called “Eat in space” where you can eat something you buy. There is a high percentage plug there, so you can charge the battery for just buying a coffee that costs $1. Rest with a charged coffee.

By the way, there are three famous Konbini chains.

Seven Eleven

セブンイレブン100円生ビール提供中止の理由とすでに飲める埼玉コンビニ情報 | そうだ埼玉.com より

Seven Eleven is the chain that sells the Oniguiri, the sweets and the coffee, and the quality of the food is very good. Particularly the coffee of Blue Mountain is very good although it costs only less than two dollars. But the chairs at Eat in are dirty and look like the prison canteen.


ローソン竹増社長「時短営業、あくまでオーナーが判断」:日経ビジネス電子版 より

Hmm.. Lawson. Before it was a chain that sold good candy, Seven Eleven copied its business tactics and now there aren’t many features… Besides, eat in space is not so clean… well show me the good point if someone who likes Lawson.


ファミリーマートの 早期退職に応募殺到、リストラ資料が明かす大混乱の裏側 | Close-Up Enterprise | ダイヤモンド・オンラインより

I am a FamilyMart fan because Eat In Space is very clean. For example, look at this place called “FamiCafe”. It looks like a coffee shop, doesn’t it? When I was a high school student I spent 1-2 hours with a $1 coffee. But Seven Eleven’s coffee quality is better than FamilyMart’s.

Anyway, run to Konbini now! Oh, you don’t have cable now? Ok Ok then I recommend this one.

Battery rental service

If you use this service and you buy the battery, you can charge the battery without carrying the cable. The price is affordable, only 150 yen ($1.5). I will explain you how to use this service.

1. Register to the official application.

First download this application and register the payment methods. Using a credit card or Apple Pay is recommended. The languages of the app are Japanese, English or Chinese. You can use it if you know basic English.

<App URL>

ChargeSPOT チャージスポット – Google Play のアプリ

‎「ChargeSPOT チャージスポット」をApp Storeで

2. Go to the Spot

Next go to the spot where you can rent the battery. If you open the app you can see where the spots are. The blue mark is the spot.

If you go to the spot, you can find this machine. There are two types of the big machine and the small one. This time I used the big one.

Open the official application and scan the QR code.

If you scan the QR code, a battery comes out of the machine.

Then take it out.

You can use the battery now. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it?

When you want to return it, go to the spot. If it’s Spot you can return it anywhere you want. If you put the battery in the machine, the light turns on, and the app counts the time of use and pays money from the payment methods you chose.

Recently I was relieved of my fear of running out of battery thanks to this service. However, if you go to a regional city, you may not find many Spots.

The city council also prepares the place to charge the battery.

Now the Minato-Ku city council is experimenting with a battery charging place. This is a very large battery and has the USB plug to charge the battery. This was prepared so that residents could recharge their batteries in case of an earthquake. It can also be used by tourists, and the above display provides tourist information and evacuation information. In a few years, you may be able to charge the battery for free.

China is famous for its new services today, but there are also new services in Japan. Please use these methods and live in Japan with peace of mind.

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