Use your Working Holiday visa well. Do you want to live like a slave?

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My family and I have had many years of experience living in foreign countries, so we know the characteristics of people who are unhappy in foreign countries.

It is a person who tries to live in a foreign country because of vague hopes.

Bad people will tempt you by telling you these words. If you hear such words, please remember this article.

Get a global experience!
Let’s go to Japan right now!

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A life-changing experience is waiting for you!

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hese people who sell you these “vague hopes” take money from you. That’s why today I’m going to talk about the Working Holiday visa, which is fun but there is hell beside of you.

The Working Holiday Visa


The working Holiday visa is a special visa given to young people between 18 and 30 years old.

A person who has this can live in a foreign country for one year, he or she can even work!

Young people from several countries with which the Japanese government has made agreements can use this visa, and there are currently 24 countries involved. Therefore many Japanese people go to Australia every year. In fact, some of them study English, join a local company and earn a better salary than in Japan. This is exactly what young people want.

Yes. So far, this is the sales talk of a mediator. I’m going to talk about the darkness from here.

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The successful people I have just described are a small minority of the many Japanese who are in Australia. And the mediators want to introduce these people to the ignorant.

The real majority are working for low wages and illegally, and for many jobs they don’t have time to consult lawyers. Do you want to know where they work? Japanese restaurants, blueberry farms with poisonous spiders, etc. They imagined that they could work in an office using English or work happily in a cool cafeteria. No way! You can’t believe this story? Then you can read this article.

‘There are no human rights here’: Inside the Government’s ‘exploitative’ backpacker visa scheme – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

If you want to come to Japan with this visa, it is possible that you will be like these Japanese people. So today we study the cases of the Japanese so that you will not be like that.

The four types of Japanese

Fujioka, who had a PhD from Hitotsubashi University, explains that, according to her research, there are four types of Japanese people who go to Australia on a WH visa.

HERMES-IR : Research & Education Resources

1. Career Training

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special skills in Japan that will allow them to work abroad. In addition, by gaining experience abroad, they can do the same type of work as before after returning to Japan. Some of these people can work locally in Australia.

Ex: Hairdresser, Cook, Programmer, Nurse, Japanese who can speak English on a business level.

2. Career Break

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They left their jobs in Japan and came to Australia. In Japan, they are elite and have a lot of savings, so they don’t need to work, so they take a vacation and study in a language school.

EJ: Consultant

3. Pre-Carrier

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The students. They are young people who take a break from school to go to Australia. Their families are usually well-off and young, so this year does not have much impact on the rest of their lives.

4. Carrer Set

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Exploited people. They have no skills and no savings because they didn’t have a good job in Japan. They also cannot speak English well. Therefore, they are in the lower class of Japanese society and are worried about their future. At that time, they came to Australia because the mediator spoke of vague hopes. According to the survey, most of these people are women between 25 and 30 years old.

When this type of person comes to Australia, they discover that the only jobs they can do are as waiters in Japanese restaurants or as low-skilled manual workers. The owners of the company also find it very easy to cheat them, so they hire them at illegal wages. Therefore, they tend to be even poorer than before after returning to Japan because they cannot get any great experience.

So why do these people travel to Australia even though so many others fail?

The Sweet Words for Ambiguous Anxiety

The reason they can’t see this reality is because WH program agents brainwash them with tons of ads.

Besides these people feel the ambiguous anxiety ,so cheating them is not so difficult if you can say some very sweet words with hope. Then the Australian farm owners who want the cheap workers, and the mediators make money.

They are already a part of the slave trade.

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Australia is a very expensive country. It is 1.5 times more expensive than Japan. But even in such a rich country, there are jobs that no one wants to do. And the companies that do those jobs can’t afford to pay high wages.

This problem of labor shortage is exploited by Japanese middlemen. They brought young people with no future in Japan to Australia by telling them their dreams. All that remains is the work of slaves. They cannot even inform the police because they do not speak English. They also know that they will not be able to live if they lose their inferior jobs, so they will work patiently. These Japanese are very good slaves for the bad Australians.

This is the end result of wanting vague hope of escaping from vague fears.

I am not trying to blame the Australian government for this. This is done in every country. Swindlers approach people who cannot analyze exactly what they are missing. The same problem occurs when you go to a Japanese class. Don’t you feel that you will be able to speak Japanese very well if you go to school? Many people can’t speak Japanese very well even though I graduated from a Japanese school studying for 1 year. Knowing what is missing for you to progress is very important.

Well now you have studied the miserable Japanese cases in Australia, so do you feel that it is not your business, of course it is.

There is the same structure in Japan.

I know a German who worked in a German restaurant with 780yen an hour (the Japanese government decided that the minimum wage is 1000 yen in Tokyo.) See, the same case occurs in this country.

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Now you can understand the reality of this visa, right? Before coming here with this visa, it is already decided that you will have been able to have a permanent job or not in Japan because you cannot work if you do not have special skills or know how to speak Japanese. There was no vague hope.

If you want a right to be in Japan for a year in Japan and you have enough savings, it’s not bad. Welcome to Japan and use money for tourism.

But if you don’t have enough savings, or you are here to have a good future career in your country, you should prepare well. In 2020 you can do many things on the Internet. If you want to study Japanese there are teachers online, if you want the information about the job, look at LinkedIn. All things are very cheap.

I recommend that you should think about why you want to do the WH program. Thinking saves you from the scammers.

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