How japanese company kill you by Karoshi

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When you imagine something negative about Japan, you remember a word;

Karoshi, right?

Karoshi is a disgrace to us because many people know that it is a Japanese word and a phenomenon representative of Japanese society. Perhaps you imagine that you are going to die because you work so much in Japan.

But it’s not really like that.

In Japan there are many companies that prepare a good environment for workers. But most foreigners cannot have this kind of work. Because they can’t have the information to understand about the labor market because of their lack of Japanese language skills. In the end they work in 1-2 hard Japanese companies, they are very disappointed and think that Japan is a terrible country.

So today we are going to study the ways of bad companies that want to make Karoshi. If your company is like what I explain, you should think very carefully about job hunting.

The Japanese work environment is improving

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I will explain about the fundamental history, the image of Karoshi’s society is that of 1990 in Japan. In 2020, if an employee dies because of Karoshi, the companies receive many disadvantages, for example, they have to pay very expensive compensation, the media call these companies “Employee Homicide”, and customers don’t want to buy products. That’s why nobody wants to make “Karoshi” and they take great care of the health of the workers.

But there are always very bad companies. About their action is another story.

Famous companies that can earn enough money, it is not necessary to prepare a situation that occurs Karoshi, but if it is a small company or one from a declining sector, for example the printing or publishing house, it has to do it to survive.

For companies with financial difficulties, what some people die for Karoshi is better than what all people lose their jobs because of bankruptcy. This way of thinking causes many tragedies.

By the way, in the companies that have to force Karoshi on the employees there are some signs. If your company does these things that I explain to you now, it may be a black company.

It takes you to the establishment placed on top of a mountain.

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If your company takes you to a facility up on a mountain, it may be a very dangerous business because it is a brainwashing Boot Camp. Some small sales companies do this program to raise salespeople like soldiers who are not afraid of death.

In fact the place on the mountain is perfect for brainwashing because the employees cannot compare the current situation with other situations.

The instructors tire the students by shouting a lot from 7 in the morning to 11 at night, and also the students shout 100 times “Good morning, sir”. If you fail something, the instructor comes to you and says “Look, because of your failure now I am going to punish your classmates! Look at the suffering of your classmates!” Can you be normal in this situation?

Perhaps you will be an obedient person out of fear and fatigue. But sometimes some people get very angry and will be rebellious. Then the companies fire them, because they don’t have the talent to be the work slaves. Only the people who have the talent are left. So the next step is waiting for them.

Denial and praise of personality

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Now you start working in a black company, but this work is very hard, you wake up at 6 and work until 11 at night. Clearly black companies don’t give you any rest.

*Black companies: “Black Kigyo”, are the companies that do these things.

Once again you are in the situation where you cannot think well because you are tired, and the bosses of the companies begin to deny your personality. This is very useful to make you obedient, in fact the US military does the same thing.

Humans can be rebellious because they have pride, if they break their pride perfectly, they will be the puppets. That’s why the bosses deny the personality of the workers many times to make them work without limit. But only denial is wrong because they will be depressed. Bad and very useful bosses sometimes praise the employees very well.

For example, if a salesman sells very well, his boss praises him in front of other employees saying “Gentlemen! He’s a star of my company. He’s making a lot of money for us. Give him a lot of applause! This is a typical “stick and carrot”.

In some cases, managers prepare an environment where workers are confronted by other workers. Competition produces results and reduces the likelihood that workers will rebel against each other. This is good for the company’s management. It’s the principle of “divide and conquer.

Now, there are warriors who defy death in the face of black managers waiting for their orders. They are ready. Let’s do a lot of work.

Jobs without limit

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Already the employees are on the last step to Karoshi.

They work like a Robot.

Already they work also at home because they can no longer think logically, and live to work. If their friends are going to stop them, they reject them and go to work because their life is in the office. Well, they’re perfectly brainwashed. Only their managers smile that they can pay less than other companies.

Do you notice what happens after this step?

This is Karoshi.

Unfortunately, although some Japanese people die like this, many people don’t care because it’s not dramatic. In the case of the woman’s suicide that I explained earlier, she was very pretty and worked in a very famous company, so the Japanese people thought it was a problem. If a normal Japanese person died because of a careless mistake, no one would be interested. Then you shouldn’t think that someone is helping you from this situation.

To prevent death from Karoshi

Why did the victims start working in these crazy businesses? That’s why they didn’t do much research on their company before they worked. For example, I was researching my current company on Google, and I read the documents for the investors to know the management situation. Only doing these things can eliminate very dangerous companies from your lists. So you can do it?

To begin with, if you lack your Japanese skills, it’s very dangerous. It’s like being naked on the battlefield. Therefore you should learn Japanese in a prestigious university. In this case I don’t recommend you to study in the language school because you can’t get connection with good Japanese people. Otherwise, you’ll be a badly hired English teacher.

Recently many Youtubers tell their life story in Japan. But many people live in Japan as a tourist or tourist + something. You should think that there is no good advice in these videos to have a permanent job except some videos. In order not to be fooled, please study Japanese and survive well.

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