The 3 reasons I don’t emigrate from Japan

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The content of my blog is more or less negative, that’s why some readers think I don’t like my country.

No way! I love Japan.

But the people who can feel happy in Japan are not the ones who can adapt to Japan’s sense of value. So today I want to explain why I’m here even though there are problems.

There is no need to worry about security

Tokyo is the safest big city in the world. If I sleep in a park with a wallet on top of my belly, nothing happens. A boy who is 10 years old can walk in the city at 10 o’clock at night. The concern for safety gives you psychological damage little by little, that’s why living in Tokyo is good so you don’t have to suffer this.

However, we must understand that the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis is high.

In my case, I prefer to live in this country because I would rather die from an earthquake than from the people.

As a child, I experienced the Fukushima earthquake and saw 10,000 humans die in 10 minutes, but the volcanoes and nature have been a blessing to us. Sometimes they get angry, but what nature gives us is probably much more than what it takes away. Would you rather be killed by nature or by a man? I would choose the former.

There is no good work in another country

Japanese society differs greatly from the West in its educational system. Universities in Japan do not usually offer specialization courses, but companies teach young people about their work while paying them a salary. Thanks to this system, I was able to have a job as a computer system salesman. If I want to do the same job in another country, I have to study computer science at a university in the country where I want to work. This is a big disadvantage for me

Also the job of a salesman is very difficult to have in another country. If I don’t work in a Japanese company, I can’t use my advantages of being a Japanese, I don’t want to emigrate to another country.

For me work is a video game and I like to sell some things to other people. That’s why I don’t feel that I want to live in another country where I can’t use my selling skills.

There is internet

Thirty years ago if someone wanted to know the culture of another country, they had to visit this country because there was no Internet. But today the cultures of other countries are on my laptop. I can read the Spanish newspapers and chat with my friends in Mexico, so why do I have to emigrate there? If I want to know more I buy some tickets and travel.

Of course I have to emigrate to another country if I want to do good research, but it is not necessary if it is a hobby.

What kind of person can be happy to immigrate to Japan?

I don’t feel that all people have the same sense of value, but people like that can feel happy;

The person who seeks a safe environment

People in dangerous countries say that the most important thing in life is safety. Then Japan is perfect. Even if you can work in just the Oniguiri factory, you can live in a safer area than your country. But Japan mistreats refugees, so entering Japan is not easy.

The person who has a job to do in Japan

Being an English teacher to live in Japan is not right because your contract is so unfair. You should live here because there is work you want to do in Japan, right?
I feel that this way is happier than living as a teacher that you don’t want to do.

For example, if what you are living in Japan is your happiness, you should research very well to have a permanent job. Otherwise you will have to leave Japan one day.


In the end, being a tourist is a very easy position. You don’t have to see the dark parts of Japan and you can have a lot of fun. Besides, most Japanese people are nice to you because you are a good customer. Traveling is perfect to feel a different life in a few days.

Well, but the decision of life is yours, so today I have given you another point of view of a Japanese. How do you think? Do you want to live in Japan?

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