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The international Christian university; a Japanese university like American university

I recently explained 3 universities in Tokyo where you can study international relations: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Sophia University and International Christian University. After World War II, this university was built on the airfield of a company that made “Zero” of fighter at that time on the requisitioned site. That’s why the school building …


Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; the institute is very academic but not good for getting a job.

In Tokyo there are three universities that are good for learning international languages and cultures; they are the International Christian University, Sophia University and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies is a national university located in the periphery of Tokyo and its history began in the time of Edo, …

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Why you can’t make Japanese friends living in Japan

Foreigners living in Japan have a big problem. It’s lonely. In fact, many foreigners who live in Japan say that it is really difficult to make friends with Japanese. So It’s no wonder they feel lonely while living in Japan. So today I’d like to explain why you can’t make friends with Japanese people. Japanese …


Sophia University, a Catholic and international university

Today I would like to introduce Sophia University. This university is considered the next best private university after Keio University and Waseda University, and its characteristics are that it is Catholic, it is international and there are many women. In fact, I was studying in this university, but also many Japanese people do not know …


Go to the silver mine to meet an Argentine (2): I found this Argentina after the 17 hour trip.

☝The last story is here! After the 17 hour on tren and bus, I arrived at Ooda station. There was the place where the Argentine girl lived, so we started walking to see her. 11:00 Ooda station The center of the city was clean. But after walking a few minutes, we noticed that there were …