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Using the sex trade isn’t infidelity in Japan!?: Why are you unfaithful?

Why do people have affairs? The reasons are very different from person to person. Some people enjoy it as a game, others do it out of sadness. But is it cheating to go into the sex trade? I’m going to ask Japanese people directly. Friend BGender: MaleAge:20′Hobby: Studying languages Hi B! Thank you for joining …

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Strong males can occupy several females:Why are you cheating on?①-2

Since the previous article I interviewed some friends to ask about their views on infidelity. In this article I continue to ask about their interesting idea. If you want to read the previous article, check it out. Monogamy isn’t reasonable for animals. OK, how many percentages of your friends are unfaithful? What do you think? …


Strong males can occupy several females:Why are you cheating on?①-1

I ask you something off the cuff, have you seen this video? It’s an interview to Japanese people by Asian Boss, a very famous Youtube channel, about infidelity in Japan. If you like Japan you had already seen it, however, do you think they said what they really thought? It seems to me that these …

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Until you are arrested by the Japanese police: Don’t resist the authorities

Now can you guess why the two cops are interrogating a foreigner in the video? Because this foreigner refused the check of his bag. Today I explain this terrible check called “Shokushitsu”, and why you should not refuse it. If you refuse it and touch the police, there is a possibility of being arrested for …