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The Cheapskate Youtuber: The weird life of a Japanese man who loves to save money

Do you save money? Japanese are the people who love to save money, and Japanese mothers watch a special program like “The recipes that cost only 500 yen a day!” in the evening after doing housework. Well, I actually save 50% of my salary per month, so I can consider myself a typical Japanese. But …

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The problem of international education in Japan: no desire to improve

The Japanese live in a very isolated society, but the upper class wants to raise their children to be able to work internationally. But the English ability of Japanese people is too low. Today I will explain to you why we are still too isolated. What is global education? Nowadays “Global education” is a fad …

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Can foreigners live on an average salary in Japan?

Living in another country sounds very dramatic, it is true if you consider that dramatic life is unstable life. Currently the Japanese government says that Japanese companies should employ foreigners with salary that pay Japanese people. But actually it does not work like that and today we are going to see that the life of …

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The suicide of the Japanese: Society gives a lot of social pressure

Personally, Japan is a very good country because there’s good food, family and my current job. But suicide is also a typical problem in Japan. Why is there so much suicide in this society? I always doubted it, but I noticed one thing thanks to an article by a Japanese woman who lives in Brazil. …

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The reason I can’t be best friends with foreigners who can’t speak Japanese

When foreigners tell me that they cannot have Japanese friends because the Japanese are cold, I am not convinced because the Japanese cannot easily have friends in Western countries either. I grew up in a neighborhood where there are many foreigners, and I saw that many Westerners came back to the country because of culture …


Japanese TV channels and their characters. 1. NHK

The TV broadcast is still the king of fun although now YouTube is increasing its influence. In Japan there are several TV channels that have different character because of the political ideology and the mother company line. Today I explain about the character of the channels that make digital terrestrial television. NHK: The only public …


Why do the Japanese tell you “You can speak Japanese very well”?

If you already know how to speak a little Japanese, the Japanese will come to you and say “You can speak very good Japanese”, but if you believe it and stop studying it more, it will cost you a lot. Today I’ll explain why we say that. Japanese people pay attention to foreigners Clearly I …


Discrimination by Covid, Don’t leave Tokyo, someone is watching you

Now in Tokyo the Covid infections are increasing again, so the Japanese are going to discriminate against people in Tokyo. Welcome to the country where there is a lot of discrimination and bullying, today I show you what happens in Japan Case1 A girl who returned to her province from Tokyo⇒Su family was expelled by …

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Epilogue of Yellow Fever who went to Japan: They can’t be happy

In many blogs dealing with Asia they mention one kind of people. You know. This is the Yellow Fever. The Yellow Fever is a slang that means foreigners who love Asians, particularly Asian women. But many people do not know their life after going to Japan. Are they happy in Japan that they always dreamed …