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People couldn’t sing about love in Japan: Sexualism of Japan

A few months ago I wrote about the problem of gender gap in Japan. In this article I wrote that Japan is ranked 121st out of 153 countries. Then this ranking was renewed, and the new position of Japan is… 120th! So Japan’s world position on gender equality is still very low. But this does …

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Women can’t live well in Japan⁉②:Women in Japan earn only 75% of what men earn

The other day I explained the problems of gender inequality in Japan. There are two very big problems right now. They are the low salaries of women and the low number of women politicians. Today I would like to talk about this problem of wages. In Japan, women earn only 75% of what men earn …

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Women can’t live well in Japan⁉: The reality of the country is masculine society (121st place in 153 countries)

Until 20 years ago Japan was very innovative country that invented many good products. Now this image has become a little bit bad, but it still seems to be the developed country. That’s why I don’t hear much criticism from foreigners about Japan. However, this is the superficial part of this country. Honestly, to me …