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Japanese companies do not look at your ability when they are going to employ you

Japanese students don’t study much because they don’t have to have special skills for their future work. So how can Japanese people have jobs? Today we are studying about a special system of employment. European students study a lot at their universities because they have to know the professional knowledge to have a good job, …

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International elites don’t want to live in Japan.

I always write that normal Westerners cannot easily live in Japan because of the very large cultural difference. I think this way because I saw many people who returned to their country, and some documents say the same thing. Today I logically explain why normal Westerners cannot easily live in Japan with an HSBC document. …


Do you know Shosya which rules Japanese society from behind? Let’s reveal the reality !: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese④

I read the Japanese business bible, alias “Shikihou”, I was able to know many companies, and I was interested in a sector called “Shosya” that there is no such business in Spain. In fact, the sector of these companies is very popular for students who want to work internationally, but the way they do business …


Do you know what kind of business famous companies do in your country? Here is a Japanese way to get a steady job: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese③

My father had given me a book called “Sikihou”. “What is this book?” I asked him, then he said eating dinner: “In this book there is all the information of listed companies. It is appropriate if Japanese society does not yet know, and study from what type of business Japanese companies do.” After reading a …