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Be elite for surviving in Japón①: The 9-year-old Japanese soldier

In this blog I say that foreigners should go to Japan’s famous universities. Because I believe that this is what is needed to get a stable job in Japan. In fact, all foreign employees working in my company have graduated from Japanese national universities. However, there are also people who are looking for an easier …


Prostitution is the theme of “Spirited Away”

The onsen is a place as relaxed as it is mysterious because it can hide reality with water vapor. In fact a very famous film by Studio Ghibli “Spirited Away” deals with a dark subject, it’s prostitution. I show you the basis of my opinion. See next Link. First on that page there is …

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Women can’t live well in Japan⁉②:Women in Japan earn only 75% of what men earn

The other day I explained the problems of gender inequality in Japan. There are two very big problems right now. They are the low salaries of women and the low number of women politicians. Today I would like to talk about this problem of wages. In Japan, women earn only 75% of what men earn …

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Women can’t live well in Japan⁉: The reality of the country is masculine society (121st place in 153 countries)

Until 20 years ago Japan was very innovative country that invented many good products. Now this image has become a little bit bad, but it still seems to be the developed country. That’s why I don’t hear much criticism from foreigners about Japan. However, this is the superficial part of this country. Honestly, to me …


Japanese Collectivism: The Key to Survival in Japan

Foreigners, particularly Westerners, who come to Japan feel the cultural difference very much, and being able to understand and accept it is a key to surviving in Japan. If you are going to learn more about Japan, you will be stressed by the basic cultural difference. In reality, as a tourist, Japan is a very …


Japanese companies do not look at your ability when they are going to employ you

Japanese students don’t study much because they don’t have to have special skills for their future work. So how can Japanese people have jobs? Today we are studying about a special system of employment. European students study a lot at their universities because they have to know the professional knowledge to have a good job, …


Why do Japanese students not study so much?

Japanese university students don’t study much, this is true because I was a university student too, but that attitude seems very strange for foreigners, and they cannot understand why their parents pay money for their lazy children. Today I explain why we went through 4 years like this. According to a Japanese government report, they …

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The Japanese who changed their name

When high school students study Japanese history, they feel hard to remember the names of historical people such as 徳川家康、徳川秀忠 …So every year some students go to hate Japanese history class. But there was a more complicated culture about names than I’ve told you now. This culture was very common, but for foreigners it would …


Your dialect sounds like Yakuza!?: Let’s know the stereotypes of Japanese dialects.

How many dialects are there in your country? Until 150 years ago Japan was not united so there were many dialects. But it’s very interesting that the dialects have some stereotypes. For example if you speak the dialect of Hiroshima, it sounds like you’re like a Yakuza who likes to kill someone for a hobby. …