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3 reasons why Japanese people using HelloTalk don’t get in touch with you

I am a huge fan of HelloTalk because I can learn English with natives. However I heard that foreign users cannot continue to speak with Japanese people on this app. So today I want to explain the 3 reasons why Japanese people stop keeping in touch with you. He understood that he can’t hook up …


Do you know Shosya which rules Japanese society from behind? Let’s reveal the reality !: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese④

I read the Japanese business bible, alias “Shikihou”, I was able to know many companies, and I was interested in a sector called “Shosya” that there is no such business in Spain. In fact, the sector of these companies is very popular for students who want to work internationally, but the way they do business …


Do you know what kind of business famous companies do in your country? Here is a Japanese way to get a steady job: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese③

My father had given me a book called “Sikihou”. “What is this book?” I asked him, then he said eating dinner: “In this book there is all the information of listed companies. It is appropriate if Japanese society does not yet know, and study from what type of business Japanese companies do.” After reading a …


Do you know what your life goal is? Do you want to work? I present to you here: Where and how to look for a job! Writings of a Japanese②

When I realized it, it was time to look for work and prepare for the Interships, but I still couldn’t decide what kind of company I wanted to work for. He didn’t even know anything about the companies that were in the country. Counting the number of companies I know is almost the same as …