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Do you really know the risk of living in Tokyo? :You can die very easily

Living in Tokyo is difficult for some reasons, particularly renting an apartment is very hard work, in fact 10 million people live in Tokyo province, so the price of rent is very high, and it is very small. Today I want to share my experience to look for an apartment and I want you to …

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The old people forgets his second language!? One thing you need to know about having a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend.

Do you know it? The old people may forget the languages and customs they learned after becoming an adult because of dementia. This sounds normal, and there’s no other way around it? You should think very carefully if you want to marry a foreigner, even plan very well if you want to marry a Japanese …


The Dark Tourism: The city broken by Covid

Because of Covid’s historical epidemic the world’s business is breaking down, and Japanese society follows the world’s movement. Compared to the countries in South America where the riots are taking place, the situation in Japan is much better, but every day the wound in the Japanese market will be deeper. So today I went out …

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International elites don’t want to live in Japan.

I always write that normal Westerners cannot easily live in Japan because of the very large cultural difference. I think this way because I saw many people who returned to their country, and some documents say the same thing. Today I logically explain why normal Westerners cannot easily live in Japan with an HSBC document. …

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The 3 misunderstandings that the Japanese who want to have Half’s child

Japanese women who want to get married to foreigners have an opinion. It is what their children will be able to be superior to pure Japanese children by the mixing of the blood. It’s really an illogical idea, but they believe so. The Half (the children between foreigners and Japanese) are beautiful. The Half are …

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Are your children bad? Then send them to this school: The horrible school «Nissei Gakuen»

In our life there is harshness as we feel that dying is easier than living, and Nissei Gakuen gave us this experience 35 years ago. Many people called it “It’s like the army more than the Japanese army”, “It’s the hell of this world”, and mothers threatened their children like this “If you do bad …