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Now you are seeing this page, so you want to study at the Japanese university, right? I saw almost 300 foreigners who came to Japan to study at some Japanese universities, and I understood one thing.

Almost all exchange students can’t make good use of their time at Japanese universities, and they leave Japan.

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This opportunity means what can enter the Japanese community.

If you can meet the diverse Japanese in these communities, they will give you a good opportunity to change your life in Japan. But imagine, if you come to Japan but don’t go to college, you can’t have many Japanese friends. So it means that you can’t enter the Japanese community, and you will miss the opportunity to get good information for work or life.

If you don’t have good information, you may not have a good job, and you may end up being an English teacher with a bad contract. So many foreigners left the country because they understood that the situation became very difficult when they noticed.

If you want to live permanently in Japan, you should go to a prestigious university.

To begin with, do you know that the entrance exams of Japanese universities are different depending on the universities?
And for example, the University of Tokyo exam is very difficult. So, the “elite” students are usually in the prestigious universities.

To get a permanent job, there is a big difference between the students of the prestigious university and those of the normal university. First of all, Japanese society has some bands of graduates from prestigious universities, and adults want to help their university students. For example, there are special job hunting meetings only for students of the University of Tokyo. That’s why getting into a prestigious university is very important for Japanese people to have a connection with the elite Japanese community, and many Japanese people believe that they can change their life if they can get into a prestigious university.

On the contrary, if you went to a poor quality university, you wouldn’t be able to have this useful information that the elite community has. You’ll have a future where you’ll work in a very tough and illegal company. Moreover, the position of foreigners in Japanese society is weaker than the Japanese who go to such universities. You may not be able to survive in Japan.

However, the Japanese usually don’t explain this reality to you because it is a taboo.

Many Japanese people criticize the society in which only the elite who went to the prestigious universities have the right to earn more money. That’s why recommending you to go to a good university in front of another person is very dangerous because other Japanese think that this person is a classist. But in fact, there is classism and you have to survive in this system if you want to come to Japan. That’s why I feel I shouldn’t say typical Japanese Tatemae.

That’s why this time I’ve made like this list called “The Encyclopedia of Japanese Universities”. I give Ranks from Rank S to Rank F depending on the prestigious and strength of the student community. And the definition is like this.

Encyclopedia of Japanese universities | El Japón Real

The index of the Ranks

Rank S: Top 2%

The world’s super elites, these students will make Japanese society. Famous Japanese companies like Sony, Nintendo and Toyota want to employ these students to become the managers of the future.

Rank A:Top 10%

The normal elites. They can’t easily get into the very famous companies, but they can get into the listed companies.

Rank B: Top 15%

The elites think that it is not worth to go, but for the normal Japanese it is not bad. But famous companies don’t care much about these students. If you’re a foreigner you should enter up to this level.

Rank C: Top 30%

Listed companies do not employ students at this level. If you want to work in a small company, you can. But job hunting is relatively difficult. Some smart students try to work at the city hall.

Rank D: Top 50%

The normal Japanese. But some study particular skills like programming to earn more.

Rank E: Top 70%

The lower class. They work as waiters or salesmen for Zara. There is not much future.

Rank F: Everyone can get in if they can write their names.

It’s a social problem. Students at this level have problems, and they can’t write alphabets, they steal something without shame, they’re going to be prostitutes, etc.
Universities manage to make money so they don’t want to solve this problem.


If you can get into a prestigious university, then you have to do a lot of acting. Japanese people do not wait for you by opening their arms. You have to act and show that you are capable of doing many things so that they recognize you. This is the life of immigrants.

As a Japanese person I want to help you and inform you about the information in my blog. I hope you will be happy in Japan.