The real intention of interviewers in Japan

woman filling job application form in office with boss

Because of Covid now all countries have economic problems. But fortunately the Japanese economy is not so bad. Then some friends who can’t have jobs in their countries asked me if they could work in Japan or not. Hmm… it’s very difficult. Because foreign workers don’t have as much value as Japanese workers in the …


Use your Working Holiday visa well. Do you want to live like a slave?

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My family and I have had many years of experience living in foreign countries, so we know the characteristics of people who are unhappy in foreign countries. It is a person who tries to live in a foreign country because of vague hopes. Bad people will tempt you by telling you these words. If you …


The Pocahontas Joshi: Japanese women like Weeaboo

photo of two native americans playing woodwind instruments

in April 2020, a Japanese word was popular on Japanese Twitter. This is «Pocahontas Joshi» meaning women like Pocahontas. This word means very similar to Weeaboo, that’s why I wanted to treat her in my blog one day. So we’re going to study about Japanese women who want to be Americans. What is Pocahontas Joshi? …

Japanese history

The samurai was Salaryman in Edo era!?②:The daily life of a Samurai and his last war

Many foreigners believe that the life of a samurai was stoic, but this is not true. The life of the samurai described in this article, «Sakai», consisted of going to music classes and eating in restaurants every day. It is nothing like the life of a stoic man. Today I tried to find out in …

Japanese history

Samurai was Salaryman in Edo era!?①:An expatriate in Edo

Samurai, is the representative Japanese culture. Perhaps you imagine that there would have been men who went to war with Katana and were very stoic. That is certainly true. As I mentioned in this article on the African samurai, the samurai of the sixteenth century were what you might imagine them to be. But since …

Japanese history

Japanese emperors didn’t have absolute power

Who were the bad dictators in World War II, many foreigners think that the Showa emperor was a dictator and decided to start that terrible war, but in reality he was a puppet of the imperial army, and could not decide anything. Besides, the history of the emperors was the history of the puppets. Today …