Can you be naked with your friends?

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In Japan there is a concept «The naked relationship», this means that having a relationship that can be told all things without Tatemae (= clothing is symbol of Tatemae). Usually men say «He’s my friend because I was in a nude relationship!», But he doesn’t mean «He’s my boyfriend!» Don’t be screwed up, please. * …


You can go to the any hospital you want! Welcome to the paradise of the medical system, also known as Japan! Episodo 2

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The system like paradise cannot last. Yesterday I explained about the very good medical system in Japan, but I also said that this system is breaking down. The cause is the aging society. So the perfect system to save the people is ironically breaking to save the elderly. This phrase is not just what I …


You can go to the any hospital you want! Welcome to the paradise of the medical system, also known as Japan!

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You cannot die easily in this country! In my blog, which has a dark environment, words like “Paradise” are not appropriate but it’s a reality. Japan is the country where you can receive the best medical treatment. Can’t you believe it? Well, I’m going to try to convince you. Cheap and good hospitals I am telling …


Japanese are ants: can you be a new ant?

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The Japanese are animals like ants or Pikmins, if you think like that you can understand the mentality of the Japanese. OK, so let’s watch each other! The Japanese people fight for their colony Why do you work for? Is it for salary? That’s an important reason, I understand you very well. However, Japan requires “working …


Japan might let you down in those 3 situations.

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Japan is a very good country. Nobody shoots you, in the restaurants prices are affordable and food is good. Plus there is also good nature. Do you want to live in Japan? Please wait. As a Japanese, I tell you that living full-time in Japan is like playing a video game on hard mode. It’s not like playing a …


3 reasons why Japanese people using HelloTalk don’t get in touch with you

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I am a huge fan of HelloTalk because I can learn English with natives. However I heard that foreign users cannot continue to speak with Japanese people on this app. So today I want to explain the 3 reasons why Japanese people stop keeping in touch with you. He understood that he can’t hook up …